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Landlord Authorisation Letter

There are many situations under which a tenant needs authorization from the respective landlord for example in case tenant wants to get some renovation done etc. The letter the landlord issues to the tenant authorising the activity is referred to as the landlord authorisation letter. A sample of the landlord authorisation letter template is being given below to assist all those in need of framing such a letter.

Sample Landlord Authorisation Letter:


_________________________ [full name of the tenant with appropriate title]


_________________________ [full correspondence address for the addressed individual including the area postal code]

Date: _____________________ [the date on which letter written]

Subject: ____________________________________________ [a subject for the letter depicting the purpose with which it is written]

Mr. / Ms. /Mrs. _______________________ [last name of the addressed/ tenant]

This letter is being written in response to your request for __________________________ [the reason for which the tenant is seeking the permission of the landlord be mentioned in brief] dated _______________________ [date on which tenant wrote to the landlord].

I have thought about the request you made and have decided to grant you the authorisation. You can formally go on and proceed with the ______________________________________ [mention is somewhat detail what the tenant wants to do to the respective property]. But there are a few conditions that you must meet and certain caution points which are

  • _______________________
  • _______________________

[Mention the conditions you want the tenant to fulfil]

I hope you will agree to them and keep me posted.


_____________________________ [the landlord must sign here]

Service Tax Authorisation Letter

Service tax authorisation letter refers to the letter written by the tax authorities of the state to a service provider, authorising him/ her to collect service tax from its clients. The service tax authorisation letter template is the outline of the actual format and makes the task of writing the letter much easier given the strict official nature of the purpose.

Sample Service Tax Authorisation Letter:


_________________________ [Name of the service provider/ official at the company]

_________________________ [name of the service providing company]

_________________________ [physical location of the respective company]

Date: _____________________ [date of letter writing- dd/mm/yyyy]

Subject: ____________________________________________ [subject for the letter which states in brief its purpose]

_______________________ [name of the addressed service provider with appropriate title]

This letter is being written on behalf of the __________________________ [name of the state authority] in reference to the __________________________ authorisation [mention the authorisation type for which letter written]

The ________________________ [name of the service provider] is/ are hereby authorised to collect a service tax of ____________ [mention percentage of tax collection permitted] from their clients over and above the charge for the service they provide. The tax collection has been legalised as per the ______________________ [mention the name of the act/ amendment or legislation that legalised service tax collection]. It is the responsibility of the service provider to inform all the clients and to submit the collected tax amount in the company register.

We wish you all the very best for the future


____________________________ [authorised official must sign here]

____________________________ [authorised official’s full name]

___________________________ [job position held]

___________________________ [name of the department and authority]

Credit Card Authorisation Letter

Whenever permitting third party to use one’s credit card, the card holder must write a formal letter informing a bank or a store where the card will be used and such letter is known as credit card authorisation letter. The template for same letter type will include all the information that is to be included in the letter with blanks in place for personal info.

Sample Credit Card Authorisation Letter:


_________________________ [full name of the store official to who letter be addressed]

_________________________ [job title/ position held by the official]

_________________________ [the name of the store]

_________________________ [address of the store with postal code]

Date: _____________________ [date of letter writing in appropriate format]

Subject: ____________________________________________ [subject i.e. the purpose of the letter in compact and precise manner]

Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. __________________________ [official’s name]

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will not be able to visit the store because of ______________________ [mention a reason why you will not be shopping e.g. medical reason, travel etc].

In my absence my ________________ [mention the relationship you share with the individual you are authorising] will be handling the shopping and will be using the card. I hereby officially authorise ______________________ [the full name of the individual authorised with title] to use my credit card in my absence. The authorisation stands valid for ________________ days [mention the exact number of days].

I hope that you will cooperate to the fullest.


________________________ [card holder’s signatures]

________________________ [card holder’s full name as mentioned on the card]

________________________ [the card number]

Mortgage Authorisation Letter

A mortgage authorisation letter is the letter through which an individual permits the bank authorities to share the information of his/ her mortgage account with a third party. The letter can be easily framed with the help of the mortgage authorisation letter templates that are prepared with caution and are very easy to use.

Sample Mortgage Authorisation Letter:


_________________________ [full name of the bank official]

_________________________ [the name of the banking institution/ entity]

_________________________ [the complete address of the respective bank/ entity along with the zip code]


_________________________ [date on which the individual writes the letter]


Subject: ____________________________________________ [a brief purpose of the letter goes in the blank here]

Mr. / Ms. /Mrs. _______________________ [the name of the bank official once again]

I, _____________________ [your name] have a mortgage account with your institution and am writing this letter in reference to the account; account number ____________________ [mention the account number on which mortgage issued].

This letter is to authorise the banking institution to __________________________ [mention what are you authorising the bank to do] share the details of my account with ____________________________ [name of the individual/ entity to whom you are authorising disclosure of information]. The reason for the authorisation is ________________________________________ [mention the reason for granting authorisation]. I understand that giving the authorisation means disclosure of ___________________________________________________ details [mention all the things you believe will be disclosed] and I am permitting the action.

I hope that the authorities will do the needful.


____________________________ [account holder’s signatures are to provided here]

____________________________ [account holder’s full name must be mentioned here]

Business Travel Authorisation Letter

A business travel authorisation letter is the letter written by a business in favour of an employee whom they are giving the authority to travel for business on business expenses. The letter template provides an outline to draft such letter with ease. A sample letter template is given below for reference.

Sample Business Travel Authorisation Letter:


_________________________ [name of the official/ individual addressed]

_________________________ [name of the company]

_________________________ [the physical location of the company with city name and area code]

____/ _____/ __________ [date of writing the letter in (date/ month/ year) format]

Subject: ____________________________________________ [write and underline the subject of the letter as precisely as possible]

_______________________ [salutation, title and name of the individual addressed]

This letter is being written to officially issue business travel authorisation to ___________________________________ [full name of the employee who is to travel for business purposes] on behalf of the _______________________________ [the respective employing company’s name].

He/ she will be travelling to ___________________________ [mention the locations to be visited] within a period of ____________________ [mention the number of days of the trip] and the business will bear all the expenses of the business trip. The ________________________ [mention the name of the company department for finances] is hereby requested to allot the required funds to the above mentioned employee. The travel dates are set to be between __________________ and _________________ [mention date of departure and arrival].

A detailed itinerary and other passport etc. documents are enclosed.


_________________________ [name and signature of the business’s official]

Payoff Authorization Letter


______________________ [name of the recipient of letter]

______________________ [the job title of the recipient of letter]

______________________ [the business name of the recipient company/ organization]

______________________ [correspondence address of the recipient]

____/ ____/ ____ [date of writing the letter]

Subject: Letter of authorization to release the payoff details

____________________ [salutation and title for the recipient of the letter]

I am ____________ [give your full name], the holder of the account no. ______________ [give your account number] at the _______________ [give the branch name of the organization] of your organization. I am writing this letter to inform you that I authorize the organization to release my payoff statement to ____________________ [give the name of the individual to whom the statement be released].

The details of the individual who may be given the payoff statement are as follows:

Name: ________________________________ [name of individual]

Reference: _____________________________ [reference/ reason for releasing the statement]

Correspondence Address: _________________ [correspondence address of individual]

Contact No.: ____________________________ [contact no. of individual]

I certify that the release is taking place by my consent and that the organization is not to be legally implicated for the action.

With regards

_____________________ [signature of the sender]

_____________________ [full name with appropriate title]

_____________________ [correspondence address of the sender]

_____________________ [contact no. of the sender]

Tender Authorization Letter


______________________ [the full name of the recipient of letter]

______________________ [the job title, if any, of the recipient of letter]

______________________ [the name of the recipient entity/ business organization]

______________________ [correspondence address of the recipient]

______________________ [area zip code]

____/ ____/ ____ [date of writing of the letter]

Subject: Letter of authorization granting of the tender

____________________ [name of the recipient of letter with an appropriate title]

By the way of this letter I the __________________ [give your job position/ title] am authorizing you, __________________ [give the name of the individual being authorized to attend the tender], the _______________________ [give the job title of the individual being granted authorized attendance] to ___ [mention relevant detail].

The tender being referred to is dated ________________ [date of the tender opening] and is in regard to the _________________ [give the purpose for which tender is being issued]. The individual will be participating on behalf of the ________________ [name of the organization the recipient is representing]. Enclosed with the letter is an entry id which you must carry for entry in the premises.

With regards

_____________________ [signature]

_____________________ [name of the sender]

_____________________ [title of the sender]

_____________________ [name of the organization/ group]

_____________________ [address of the sender]

Trademark Authorization Letter


______________ [mention the name of the recipient]

______________ [write the address of the recipient]

______________ [write the contact number of the recipient]

Date: _____________ [write the date in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: trademark authorization letter

Dear ___________________ [write name of the addressee]

I, ____________ [write name of the sender], the ____________ [write the job designation of the sender] am writing this letter to you to ______________ [write the reason for writing the letter]. You have been granted the authorization for the trademark _______ [mention the trademark for which authorization has been given]. This decision has been made because _____________ [mention the reason due to which the authorization has been provided]. The trademark must only be used for _____________ [mention the relevant details] and if it is found to be used otherwise, then ____________ [write the consequences of using the trademark illegally].

The authorization which has been given to you comes under certain regulations which are ________________________ [write down all the regulations of the authorization]. Please try and comply by these to avoid any implications. I am hoping that ____________ [mention the relevant information].

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

______________________ [name of the sender]

______________________ [designation of the sender]

______________________ [company name of sender]

Authorization Represent Letter

____/ ____/ ____ [write the present date in dd/mm/yy format]


______________________ [name of the recipient of letter]

______________________ [the business name of the recipient company/ organization]

______________________ [correspondence address of the recipient]

Subject: Letter authorizing a third party to represent me and act on my behalf

____________________ [a title and appropriate salutation for the recipient]

I am writing this letter to inform the state about the decision I have made regarding my representation by a third party. I am authorizing __________________ [give the name of the individual/ entity you are authorizing], my ________________ [specify your relation to the individual] to represent me in all and any __________________ matters [specify the sphere in which authorization being granted] from the _________________ [give the date form which authorization granted].

This individual will be allowed to act on my behalf until otherwise informed. I hereby transfer my decisive and other rights to _______________ [specify whether him or her]. For any future references in this regard you may contact ________________ [give contact number in case of queries]. The details of the individual being authorized to represent be are enclosed with the letter.

Thanking you

_____________________ [official signature of the sender]

_____________________ [full name of the sender]

_____________________ [correspondence address]

_____________________ [contact no. of the sender]

Insurance Authorization Letter


______________ [mention the name of the recipient]

______________ [write down the official address of the recipient]

______________ [write down the contact number of the recipient]

Date: _____________ [write the date in dd/mm/yy]

Subject: insurance authorization letter

Dear ___________________ [give the proper salutation here]

This letter is to notify to you the fact that you have been given the insurance authorization of ______________ [mention the entity whose insurance authorization has been provided]. _____________ [name of the entity] falls under ___________ [mention the category in which the entity falls] category and therefore ________________ [mention the relevant information].

You have been granted this insurance authorization on the grounds that _____________ [mention the reason why the recipient has been granted with the insurance authorization].  The authorization shall be effective from __________ [mention the date in dd/mm/yy format]. Thus from now onwards, ______________ [mention the consequences or results of the authorization].

You must keep in mind a few important points which are given as follows:

______________________ [enter the important points relating to the insurance authorization].

The authorization shall be cancelled if _____________ [mention the circumstances under which the authorization could be cancelled].

Looking forward to ___________________ [enter the relevant information].

Thanking you

______________________ [name of the sender]

______________________ [designation of the sender]

______________________ [company name of sender]