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Birthday Letter to Father

Dearest Dad, This is Ginny wishing you very, very Happy Birthday. Dad, I have always wanted to be with you on this day and yet today we are so far. Nevertheless, I convey my love, longing and wishes through this letter. Dad I can never give a gift to you to match for anything and… Read More »

Birthday Letter to Friend

Dear Luna, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and convey you lots of love and care for today and for everyday. Luna, here is a gift to you from me in a promise that everything and anything you need you just need ask and I shall shower it on you by any means. Luna,… Read More »

Birthday Letter to Husband

Dear Honey, This is Molly wishing you a very, very Happy Birthday. Jonathan, life has been so kind to me to give me such a loving and caring husband like you that I have never felt hollow; since you complete me in every respect. And today, on your birthday, I have nothing to present you… Read More »

Birthday Letter to Best Friend

Dear Jack, This is James wishing you a very Happy Birthday. People say that love and other relations have lasting effect than any friendship and I say here we are to defy every bit of it. I cannot help but convey you a gift along with this letter even if you denied me every time.… Read More »

Birthday Letter to Boyfriend

Dearest Jack, This is Cameroon wishing you a very Happy Birthday. My darling, you have made me feel so complete and happy that I owe you every bit of everything for giving you any gift for your birthday. I convey you every bit of warmth and love that we share through this letter to you.… Read More »

Birthday Letter to Girlfriend

Dearest dear Emma, This is your love wishing you a very, very and very, very Happy Birthday. I wish and pray Lord to shower all his blessings on you. Besides praying Him, I thank Him for giving me the most wonderful girl in the universe and making me feel so special. Sweetie, my life is… Read More »

Birthday Love Letter

Dear James, This is Cho wishing you very Happy Birthday. I hope this letter finds my sweetie-pie as hale and hearty as I have left him. I convey loads and loads and love and kisses to my sweetie through this letter. I have also enclosed a gift for you for your birthday along with this… Read More »

Happy Birthday Letter

Dear grandma, This is Stella wishing you a very Happy Birthday. I hope this letter finds you in the pink of your and even grandpa’s health. Before you feel like asking me, How am I; I tell you I am thoroughly good by every blessing which you both shower on me. Grandma, last time on… Read More »

Sample Birthday Letter

Dear honey John, This is Jessica on the other side wishing you a very Happy Birthday. John, I wish you could have been with me on this day and I would have pampered you like I liked. John, the world seems far too rude when you are not there with me and the same world… Read More »

Birthday Letter

Dear Jackie, This is Mamma wishing you all the happiness in the world on your birthday. Wish you a very Happy Birthday and a prosperous and healthy year in front of you. Jackie, I have sent a gift for you on your birthday along with this letter and I am hoping that you will like… Read More »