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Break Up Thank You Letter

To Peter Jackson 442, Parkville Street Near City Centre San Jose, CA Peter, I want to thank you for breaking up with me. The day you broke up, I was really upset and couldn’t that this breakup is actually for my own good. After such a long relationship I never realized that I feel good… Read More »

Relationship Break Up Letter

To George Smith 665, Woodland Lane San Francisco, CA George, I am writing this letter with a very heavy heart, but I had to do this for both of us. With this letter, I just want to tell you that I want to end up this relationship. We have spent very good time together and… Read More »

Professional Break Up Letter

To Christopher Hunt 554, Lane Drive Austin, Texas Dear Loser Chris, You are a big loser. I really thought you liked me but you yourself admitted that you hate me and do not want to be with me anymore. Well, I guess that your dream come true, I am leaving you forever and you don’t… Read More »

Official Break Up Letter

To John Wilbur 67, Up Street Apartments E-90, Mountain Street Dallas, Texas John, I never thought that I will ever write this letter to you after our fight that night, and also swore that I will never ever talk to you. But then, I heard from a common friend that you still believe that I… Read More »

Universal Break Up Letter

To Jacob M Harper J – 56, Gilbert St. San Francisco, CA 18th Aug 2012 Dear Jacob, I am writing this letter in reply to the phone message that you left on my voicemail. I thought not to call you back and end up this relation with a letter, because I didn’t want to hear… Read More »

Bad Break Up Letter

To Samuel Harper 14, Westside Apartments Merlin St., Washington, CA 18th Aug, 2012 Samuel, I am not writing this letter to let you know that I am breaking up with you, but through this letter I want to bring to your notice that how your habits and arrogance resulted in ruining our relation to the… Read More »

Partnership Break Up Letter

To Charlie Roberts, 56- F, North Fountain St. Chicago, IL Date: 17th Aug, 2012 Subject: Partnership dissolution letter Dear Charlie, I am writing this letter to notify you that I want to dissolve our partnership that we are having in the A-SPARC institution. Please note that this letter will serve as a legal notice for… Read More »

Break Up Relationship Letter

To Tom Richard 544, Bland Street Houston, Texas Dear Tom, I am sorry that I am writing this letter to you but I wasn’t left with any other choice. I chose not to get into a never ending conversation leading to nowhere. With this letter I just want to tell you that I cannot continue… Read More »

Emotional Break Up Letter

To John Hunt 310- E Chaparral St. Wilmington, NC Dear John, I am terrible sorry that I am writing this letter to you and you have to go through this. I really didn’t want to do this and controlled these emotions for long period. But things are not going the way they should be. This… Read More »

Break Up Apology Letter

To Andrew Parker 14, Greater Heights Apartments 17 Lane Drive Washington, CA 14th Aug 2012 Dear Andrew I am writing this letter with a very heavy heart, and really I do not know how else to tell you that I don’t want to continue my relationship with you. I know that this letter will be… Read More »