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Break Up Thank You Letter


Peter Jackson

442, Parkville Street

Near City Centre

San Jose, CA


I want to thank you for breaking up with me. The day you broke up, I was really upset and couldn’t that this breakup is actually for my own good. After such a long relationship I never realized that I feel good after breaking up with you. Breaking up was difficult but now I realize that it was necessary. We were not going along well and were making each other’s life difficult. Now we both are free to live our lives the way we want to live.

I am so happy that now I can do all that I always wanted to do and you never allowed me.  I’ll hang out with my friends, will focus on my career and will have loads of fun. When I was with you, life was so boring. But now I’ll enjoy every bit of it. Though I will always carry the memories of those times, when we were together and will always care for you.

You still hold a special position in my heart and we can stay friends forever.

Thank you dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Relationship Break Up Letter


George Smith

665, Woodland Lane

San Francisco, CA


I am writing this letter with a very heavy heart, but I had to do this for both of us. With this letter, I just want to tell you that I want to end up this relationship. We have spent very good time together and I know you still care for me a lot. But the reality is that you are afraid of commitments and I cannot be with you like this forever.

I guess, this is the right time to part our ways and start living a life that we want to lead. For you, it’s very difficult to adapt or even change your lifestyle. And I cannot love with you the way you live. We love each other but we are not made for each other. You have said that you want to wait for some more time before we get committed but I cannot wait for you forever.

It’s just the time when I realize that our relationship will ever get anywhere. So this is the final goodbye. Have a happy, healthy and content life.


Professional Break Up Letter


Christopher Hunt

554, Lane Drive

Austin, Texas

Dear Loser Chris,

You are a big loser. I really thought you liked me but you yourself admitted that you hate me and do not want to be with me anymore. Well, I guess that your dream come true, I am leaving you forever and you don’t have to be with me now.

I also want to clarify one thing, I would have proved that day that I didn’t cheat on you, but I didn’t want to give any clarifications. It was really hurtful to know that after 4 years of relationship, you still believe that I can cheat on you. At that very moment, I decided to break up with you, but I didn’t want to make fun of you, in front of so many people. I still care for you and thought that you won’t be able to handle humiliation in public.

Sadly, you didn’t cared for me, or loved me so dearly. I am amazed that you didn’t have any faith on me. Take care of you in future, and may God bless you with a happy life.

Not yours,


Official Break Up Letter


John Wilbur

67, Up Street Apartments

E-90, Mountain Street

Dallas, Texas


I never thought that I will ever write this letter to you after our fight that night, and also swore that I will never ever talk to you. But then, I heard from a common friend that you still believe that I am your girlfriend.

I don’t know how a man like you, still thinks that we can get along. I want to let you know that this relationship is over and I am not at all looking forward to you. You are such an idiot and the biggest problem with you is that you think you are always right. There may be other girls around who do not have any self-respect, but I am not one of those. I always believed that this is the starting phase of our relationship and someday you’ll treat me with care and respect. But now I know that day is never going to come.

So, this is an official break up letter and I hope that now you know that we aren’t in any sort of relationship, not even friendship.


Universal Break Up Letter


Jacob M Harper

J – 56, Gilbert St.

San Francisco, CA

18th Aug 2012

Dear Jacob,

I am writing this letter in reply to the phone message that you left on my voicemail. I thought not to call you back and end up this relation with a letter, because I didn’t want to hear your voice again. I am very happy that you have found someone for yourself, because it was getting very difficult for me to be with you in a relationship.

You do not have any sense of responsibility and your drinking & smoking habits are weird. You seem to have no love & respect for others; you only need someone by your side to talk. I never felt deep love in your eyes or any serious emotions for myself. I want to tell you that just to take care of someone is not love, but love is something else. A heart felt emotion that connects tow people in an inseparable way.  But there was nothing like this in our relation.

I am happy that you found someone else. Maybe we were not made for each other. All the best for your life


Bad Break Up Letter


Samuel Harper

14, Westside Apartments

Merlin St., Washington, CA

18th Aug, 2012


I am not writing this letter to let you know that I am breaking up with you, but through this letter I want to bring to your notice that how your habits and arrogance resulted in ruining our relation to the extent where I was not left with any other choice than to break up with you.  I would not say it was your fault, but would say I was foolish who was trying to live with the most arrogant person in the world.

I always tried to contribute towards this relationship, and you never realized that you were wrong at some point or the other. You cheated on me not only once but twice, thrice and then also you proved yourself right in those situations. You always thought that what you were doing was right and it was me who was over reacting on each & every issue. But you will realize my importance after I am gone.

Sam, I really do not want to see your face again in my life. I just want to forget you and all your memories. Please go away from my life.


Partnership Break Up Letter


Charlie Roberts,

56- F, North Fountain St.

Chicago, IL

Date: 17th Aug, 2012

Subject: Partnership dissolution letter

Dear Charlie,

I am writing this letter to notify you that I want to dissolve our partnership that we are having in the A-SPARC institution. Please note that this letter will serve as a legal notice for the dissolution of partnership between Charlie Roberts and Allan Parker, which was made up for the business administration of A-SPARC Institute running at 56-F, North Fountain St. , Chicago, IL.

The reason for breaking this partnership is the creative difference between us due to which our business is suffering. In my opinion it will be good for both of us to get separate with mutual consent. I am sure that you will also agree with me that rather than fighting over small issues it is better to part our ways.

Once this dissolution is over I will step out of the business and going further you will beresponsible for administering A-SPARC, and also for all the outstanding obligations held by A-SPARC before or after the dissolution.

Kindly reply if you have any apprehensions pertaining to this dissolution.

Yours sincerely,

Allan Parker

Break Up Relationship Letter


Tom Richard

544, Bland Street

Houston, Texas

Dear Tom,

I am sorry that I am writing this letter to you but I wasn’t left with any other choice. I chose not to get into a never ending conversation leading to nowhere. With this letter I just want to tell you that I cannot continue our relationship and it has run its full course.

I guess you don’t even realize that you are a total loser and attitude & ego seem to have no limit. One more thing that I want to tell today is that your maturity level is even less that a small kid. You also need to know that a little respect that we give to someone can present you towards the person in an entirely different & pleasing way. The amount of respect that you have given me has helped to go away from you.

I even don’t want to say that we will be friends after this, as you aren’t even worth of becoming a good friend. One thing that I never understood about you is that why you create so much of drama. I am saying this straight from my heart, that I really never want to see you again in my life.

Hatefully Yours,


Emotional Break Up Letter


John Hunt

310- E Chaparral St.

Wilmington, NC

Dear John,

I am terrible sorry that I am writing this letter to you and you have to go through this. I really didn’t want to do this and controlled these emotions for long period. But things are not going the way they should be. This letter will most probably be the last memory of mine that you’ll have. I want to put our relationship to an end, as it is not working out as I wanted it to.

I always gave my best to this relationship, but your inability to commit to the relationships ruined our beautiful relation. There are a lot of issues from your side that hold me back from continuing this relationship with you further. Don’t let this upset you too much and always remember that our decision of going to separate directions is for our own good.

I hope that you will find somebody for yourself who will accept you for what you are. But for me, it became very difficult to live a hollow life with you.  Have a nice life dear.

Take care of yourself!!!!!!!


Break Up Apology Letter


Andrew Parker

14, Greater Heights Apartments

17 Lane Drive

Washington, CA

14th Aug 2012

Dear Andrew

I am writing this letter with a very heavy heart, and really I do not know how else to tell you that I don’t want to continue my relationship with you. I know that this letter will be very shocking for you as you might have never expected this.

I also want to apologize for my rude behaviour that I am showing for past few days. I want to confess that I have cheated on you when you were not around and this is the reason that I do not want to continue my relationship with you. It will not at all be fair to hide all these things from you and that is why I took the help of this letter. I am really sorry that I broke your heart but you must also admit that things between us were not at all going smooth.

We were not living a happy relationship, and it would be better for both of us to part our ways and start our lives with a new beginning. I’ll miss you.