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Business Suggestion Letter


The Manager

RLCR Store, 667 North Drive

San Jose, CA

Date: 5th Sept 2012

Subject: Suggestion letter

I am writing this letter to forward a suggestion for your grocery store. I am buying groceries from this store for 8 years and have seen this store growing to such big supermarket. I appreciate the way that you have grown and developed this store, and still handled so many customers with great ease. I understand that your objective is to make this store grow even bigger.

It’s great that you are expanding your store and are introducing new merchandize every few days, but in my opinion, if you just reduce the variety that you offer for each product slightly it will definitely help the customers. There is so much variety of everything that every customer needs to spend a little more time in finding the product of their choice. This also crowds the aisles to this extent that many people prefer to go on other smaller stores. This congestion in aisles has started discouraging many customers from coming to your store. So what I believe is that you must expand by introducing new items but must also think about slightly decreasing the variety for each category of product.


Judith Harper

Business Survey Letter


Peter Aubrey

6554, Wood Vine Street

Phoenix, AZ

Date: 6-09-2012

Subject: Business survey letter

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to serve you with our stationery material for your official as well as personal needs. The aim and objective of our company is the satisfaction of the clients. But at the same time, we understand that we must also listen to our clients for even better services.

To ensure that we are doing well as per your expectations, we are running a small survey. I am enclosing a survey form with this letter. We will really appreciate if you can take out few minutes from your busy schedule and fill up this survey form. We welcome your opinions and complaints, if any. Your opinions will help us to understand where we stand in front of our clients and we assure you that we will definitely try to improvise as per your suggestions.

We also believe that by answering any of your queries, complaints, questions or issues we shall be able to develop a better professional relationship that will lead to the professional growth of both of us.

We are very thankful for the time that you took out from your schedule for considering this survey.


Harriet Jackson

D & G Printers and Stationers.

Business Support Letter


James L Harper

67, North Lane Drive

Adjoining Forest Lane Street

San Jose, CA

Date: 5th Sept, 2012

Subject: Business support letter

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to request for support for our NGO organization. We run a small NGO aimed at raising awareness on Global Warming. We keep on arranging seminars, public events and presentations on global warming and dearth of trees & plants. Ours is a very small organization and we haven’t arranged any big programs till now.

We are planning to arrange a big event next month with the theme based on this issue and want to target a bigger audience. We are also planning to invite some renowned scientists to discuss how our lifestyle is affecting our future. I am writing this letter to you to request for some support to arrange this event. As you know, this is such an issue that needs general awareness to minimize the risks. I am sending all the details pertaining to the event along with this letter. Kindly go through it and lend us the required support.

Looking forward for a positive response from your end


Jessica Smith

Go Green NGO

Business Warning Letter


Allan Parker

L-Square Solutions

445, North West Drive

San Jose, CA

Date: 6th Sept, 2012

Subject: Business warning letter

Dear Mr Parker

I am writing this letter in reference to the order no. 66753, that we placed on 2nd July 2012 for 20, 000 printed envelopes. It’s been more than 60 days that we placed the order and we have received neither the order nor any communication from your end. I would like to remind you that you committed to deliver the order in one month and till now you haven’t communicated anything regarding the order.

Your behaviour will also affect all the future orders that we were about to place with your organization.

We, hereby, request you to deliver the order immediately and kindly confirm the same in written. If we do not hear from you or get any confirmation within 3 business days, we would have to cancel the order. In that event, you’ll be required to refund our money. Kindly ensure that you respond to this letter, otherwise we’ll be forced to pass on this matter to our lawyer, who will further pursue this matter with your organization.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Harper

JYC Technologies

Business Testimonial Letter


Mr Peter Patterson

Chief Technical Officer, NH Technologies

89, West Lane Drive

San Francisco, CA

Date: 5th Sept, 2012

Dear Mr. Patterson

I am writing this letter in reference to the recent server installation work that your organization did for our school.  I want to tell you that the professionals whom you sent to our school to complete the work were well experienced and quite knowledgeable. They provided us quite efficient solutions and even trained our staff for using the servers. They helped the staff members to learn few troubleshooting tips that will help them in smooth functioning of their work.

It always used to be a challenge to deal with such technology issues, but now, that we have your company by our side, I am sure that such issues will never be able to hamper the functioning of E-classrooms in our school.

I really appreciate the professionalism of your staff and the way they finished their work efficiently & in timely manner. Your professionals really made effort in understanding the custom needs of various classrooms and provided efficient solutions to each one of those.

I want to thank you for this support and efficiency.


Samantha Harper,

Principal, Small Wonders School

Business Unsolicited Letter


HR Head, Lemon Technologies

67, Southwest Lane

San Jose, CA

Date: 5thSept, 2012

Subject: Cover letter for the position of system administrator

Dear Sir,

I am a network & system administrator having more than seven years of experience. I want to apply for the position of system or network administrator in your renowned company. I would like to offer your company the profitable benefits from my past experiences and vast expertise in the field.

I have completed my Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering and am certified Cisco professional. I have completed my CCNP and am pursuing CCIE. I assure you that my ardent skills, experience and dedication along with my education makes me the best option for your company. I am a hardworking professional who has a passion towards the field of networking. I am always ready to learn more and more about networking and networking based technologies.

I assure you that I will always do justice with my job and will work with full dedication. I will look forward for a meeting with you in person to discuss this opportunity in detail. It would be a honor for me to work with your organization.

Looking forward to hear from you soon


Robert Stewart

Business Resignation Letter


Mr Andrew Simon

K Express Corp.

56, Southwest Street

Washington, CA

Date: 6th Sept, 2012

Subject: Resignation letter


I am writing this letter to bring to your kind notice that I want to resign from the post of Red Hat faculty from your organization. The reason is that I am offered a position of System Administrator in a well-known organization and I want to explore this technical opportunity.

I want to thank you for the personal and professional support that you always provided me. This was my first job and I developed many professional skills by working here. You always encouraged me and believe me, that this opportunity that I have got, you have a big contribution in it. I enjoyed my tenure in your organization and appreciate the professionalism in the company.

I want to inform you that I would have to join thereby first week of October, so kindly allow me to serve this last month as my notice period. Please let me know, how I can be useful in this period of transition. I would be very happy to assist you as much as I can.

Yours Sincerely,

Kevin Harper

Business Decline Letter


Mr Lorraine Brown

Senior Marketing Executive

48, South Drive

JB Inc.

San Francisco, CA

Date:  4th Sept, 2012

Mr. Brown

I am writing this letter in reference to the meeting that we had last week in my office. I want to tell you that it was indeed a pleasure meeting you and discussing the business prospects. The time that we spent together was definitely very informative and I learnt many things from you.

We considered the services that you offered to our organization, but at present, we cannot accept your offer to get associated with your organization for our interactive board requirements.  After giving a deep thought to your offer and overseeing all the prospects, I would have to decline your offer for the time being. Our this decision is based on the fact that the vendor with whom we are dealing at present is giving providing us with a package of all our hardware requirements, and is supplying all the hardware material that we need including the servers also.

I want to thank you for your time and shall look forward to get associated with you in future.

Thank you!!!!!

Yours sincerely,

Edward Murphy

JYC Corp.

Business Donation Letter


Mr Charles M Parker

JYC Corp.

L-27, 14 North Street

Phoenix, AZ

Date: 4th Sept, 2012

Subject: Business donation request letter


I am writing this letter on the behalf of Smile Charity Foundation. Smile Charity Foundation is an organization that supports poor malnutrition children and we provide school education to them. We raise funds for these activities by arranging road shows, pop nights and street dance shows.

We are planning for a quite big event next month for raising the funds. This will be a rock music night for which we are even inviting few big names in the music world. It will be really helpful, if your organization can donate something for making this event successful. Even a small help from your organization would go a long way in helping these children and making this event a big success.

Details of this event and donation form have been attached with this letter for your perusal. Although this will be a great help, and nothing in return would compensate for this help, but as a gesture of respect, we will print your company’s logo on all the tickets of the event.

Looking forward for a positive response from your end


Jacob Brown

Smile Charity Foundation

Business Sponsorship Letter


Mr Alerick Harper

JYC Inc.

56, Aldo Industrial Park,

San Jose, CA

Date: 4th Sept, 2012

Subject: Request for business sponsorship

Dear Mr. Harper

Greetings for the day!!!!!!

I am writing this letter to request for the business sponsorship for our college festival. We are arranging a college festival with technical theme, and hence I was looking forward for your organization to sponsor certain events in that festival.

We have estimated a presence of more than 15000 students from the nearby colleges. This sponsorship will be an excellent way to get in touch with the young talent and I am sure by organizing few events you can find out certain number of fresh graduates with amazing talent.

This college festival will also encourage the students towards the technology and we are planning for a variety of events focusing on software and technical aspects. Your organization is renowned Software Development Company and hence your presence in the festival will become a definitive encouragement factor. I have attached the details of the events and sponsorship details along with this letter for your perusal.

Looking forward to hear from you soon


Rachel Lawrence

College President

J & L College of Engineering & Technology