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Medical Complaint Letter

To Mr. Moyne Bloom 63 Crescent Lane London United Kingdom Respected Mr. Bloom I have recently attained your medical treatment regarding my broken leg at your hospital XYZ Medical Care Centre situated at Crescent Lane. I compliment you about the excellent and remarkable care and treatment I got at your examining room but I am… Read More »

Mortgage Complaint Letter

To Mr. Brown Shell Customer Service Representative ManagerComplaints Department ABC Pvt. Ltd. London RE: Mortgage Complaint Letter – Loan No. M 5673 S Respected Mr. Brown Shell With due respect I am writing this letter regarding my complaint towards the mortgage loan I have been taken from your finance company on April 21st, 2012 in… Read More »

Official Complaint Letter

To Mr. Dennis Mills Manager ABC Car Service 81A Crescent Street London KF 2B CS United Kingdom RE: Official Complaint Letter Respected Mr. Dennis Mills I am extremely sad while writing this letter to you being your three year old customer but I want to complaint about one of your office’s employee bad behavior and… Read More »

Vehicle Service Complaint Letter

To Mr. James Mathew Manager ABC Car Service 321 Crescent Lane London KF4 CS United Kingdom RE: Poor Vehicle Service Complaint Letter – Order No. M 456 B Respected Mr. James Mathew Being a 15 years old customer of your agency, I am feeling very bad while writing this complaint letter regarding the poor services… Read More »

Vendor Complaint Letter

To Mr. Shawn Mathew Manager XYZ Mall 425 Crescent Lane London KF4 CS United Kingdom RE: Complaint regarding Vendor Misbehavior Respected Mr. Shawn Mathew I am writing this complaint letter in the intention to punctuate my verbal complaint which I made yesterday via telephone to your concerned mall office regarding your mall’s vendor misbehavior. This… Read More »

Order Complaint Letter

To Mr. Bernie Davies Manager Home Appliance Store 36B Hall Lane Cambridge United Kingdom Subject: Order Complaint Letter – Order No. S 126 EH Respected Mr. Bernie Davies Last week I purchased a Kitchen Hand Grinder, Model No. 567 and Order No. S 126 EH, from your Home Appliance Store located at 48A Hall Lane,… Read More »

Car Insurance Complaint Letter

To Mr. Ralph Moyne 63 Crescent Lane London KF4 CS United Kingdom RE: Car Insurance Complaint Letter – Insurance Policy No. M 567344 Respected Mr. Ralph Moyne I have got a car insurance policy from your reputed company and as an insurance policy holder for the last six years; it’s very disappointing that today I… Read More »

Tenant Noise Complaint Letter

To Johnny Depp ABC Rental Management Ltd. 12 Featherstone Street London United Kingdom Subject: Tenant Noise Complaint Letter Dear Mr. John Smith My intention to write this complaint letter is to complaint for increasing tenant noise problem, which is creating lot of trouble for me as well as for others also. We would like to… Read More »

Rental Complaint Letter

To Shawn Broom 36 Featherstone Street London EC1Y 8SY United Kingdom RE: Complaint for Apartment Noise problem Dear Mr. Shawn Broom I am writing this rental complaint letter to draw your attention towards the increasing problem of apartment noise since last few days. The complaint is about the excessive noise of unruly kids of my… Read More »

Complaint Delay Letter

To Mr. Michael Griffiths 93 Crescent Lane London KF4 (CS United Kingdom RE: Complaint for Delay in Delivery – Product Order No. C3579735 Respected Mr. Michael Griffiths I am writing this complaint letter to inform your company about the delay of delivery of my ordered product Reebok Shoes which I ordered online from your company… Read More »