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Teacher Complaint Letter

Ms. Parvati Ganesh

Khozanipur, Faizabad

December 16, 2011

Mr. Faakhir Jana

Human Resources Officer

Faizabad Institute

Goshainganj, Faizabad

Dear Mr. Jana,

I hereby express my complaint over the unprofessional conduct of Mr. Narahari Malik who is a teacher at the university.  Mr. Malik was a teacher of mine in a science subject last semester.  In the course of the classes, he always came to class late.  Because he comes late, he also dismisses the class late.  This affects the daily schedule of students like me who have classes every hour.  I have already aired my complaint to Mr. Malik but he ignored my complaint and threatened to drop me from the class.

I am only airing my complaint now that the semester is finished and I have passed the course.  I was scared of complaining earlier for fear that I will be dropped from the class.  I do hope that you would act on this matter soon so that other students will not experience what I did.

Thank you.


Ms. Parvati Ganesh

Training Course Complaint Letter

Ms. Parveen Jaisimha

Darsan Enclave, Faizabad
Uttar Pradesh

February 5, 2011

Mr. Naotau Gangulee


Communications Institute

Darshan Nagar, Faizabad

Dear Mr. Gangulee,

This is a formal complaint over your special training course on Advanced Journalism which I enrolled in last month.  I am greatly disappointed by the content of the training course.  Your brochure stated that the training course would expose us to the rigors of daily journalism life including a one-week practicum at a local paper.  However, none of these were met in the actual course of the training.  The lecturer and the facilitator taught only basic journalism concepts and did not even discuss journalism techniques.  There was also no practicum at a local paper.  Instead, the lecturers only made us write articles inside the lecture room.

As per your brochure, I am qualified for the reimbursement of the payment I made for the training course.  Please reimburse my payment immediately.

Thank you.


Ms. Parveen Jaisimha

Complaint Letter to Hotel


The Manager,

Oberoi Point International Lounge

Navi Mumbai,


Subject: Complaint letter against loss of belongings

Hello Sir / Madam,

This is to bring to your notice that last night I left some of my belongings including laptop and some jewelry in room number 615 of your hotel. It was claimed to leave valuable things unworriedly in rooms if going out. It was hardly fifteen minutes I went out and found everything vanished after coming back. I had an immediate talk with your in house hotel staff regarding the matter. But none of them found to be showing any interest on the loss. Instead I was rebuked to leave things at my room unattended; where it was clearly mentioned in your check in kit that it is absolutely safe to leave things back.

It is a grave concern from a boarder’s point of view about such illicit things happening in presence of all the hotel staffs. Hope to get some positive response from you soon.


Prof. Rehana Jalal

Complaint Letter to Boss


The Unit Head,

Human Resource Department,

Pentasoft Technologies

Lord’s Street,

London, U.K.

Subject: Complaint against ill commented by security guards

Hello Sir,

This is to get to your attention that during my night shift yesterday, I was extremely ill commented by two of the on duty security guards at the unit exit gate. As a part of my duty, I was not responsible for switching off all the corridor lights before leaving, even if I am the last man to leave the data centre.

On refusal, I was critically charged and rebuked at dirtily. This was too much to be tolerated from someone from the group D staffs, who in no way can ill behave with an HR manager for not switching off the corridor lights.

This is not the first time. In fact it had been observed since last few weeks with the change in shifts of the security in charge. I received a lot of complains against the mentioned two of them from my team members as well.

I am looking forward to a quick action.


Martha Neil

Complaint Letter to Government


Mr. Abhishek Kumar Malhotra,

Block Development Officer,



New Delhi,

August 1, 2010

Subject: – Intimation regarding lack of tube wells in the village of Hatipota


Most humbly this is to inform you that I, Mr. Yogesh Arora – a resident of the village Hatipota want to request to you that we the villagers of Hatipota are suffering from severe water crisis due to the unprecedented heat during the summer this year.

We, the villagers personally feel that this is so happening due to lack of tube wells in our locality. We thought of bringing the matter to your notice as our repeated request to the concerned government officer went in vain. So, we thought of escalating the entire issue to you. The infants and the old men of the locality are really having a tough time due to this paucity of water.

Looking forward to your kind and prompt action

Thanks and Regards

Yogesh Arora

Complaint Letter by Teacher to Parents


Mr. & Mrs. Deshpande,

Parents of Sujal Deshpande

Std. IX, Little Flower School

Jodhpur Park,

Kolkata, W.B.

Subject: Complaint against regular late attendance of classes

Hello Sir / Madam,

This is to get your attention regarding your child’s regular late attendance of classes. Being his class teacher, I found it to be my duty to inform you about the same urgently. It is not the case of a day or two, almost every day he is late in reporting before the prayer time. When asked, he comes up with innovative excuses for his late coming. Even sometimes he has reached so vague a limit like meeting some old school friend on his way.

There is a minimum decorum in all schools and ours being one of the highly rated in the city, it would really become difficult for us to allow him late all days. This is just a gentle reminder of the same. Please take care of it.


Mrs. Swati Hazra

Complaint Letter to The Head of The Society


The Head,

River View Housing Estate



Subject: Complaint against absence of ATM in the society campus

Hello Sir,

I am one of the new residents of your society. My husband needs to stay abroad on his official assignments , and I stay here with my only son and widow mother-in-law. The estate being some ten to twelve kilometers away from the main city, it becomes really troublesome for collecting cash for even daily expenses.

It is really not possible to maintain huge cash balance at home for days. Also, keeping all the bank locations in mind, there is not a single outlet in the nearest ten kilometers. We hereby request you to kindly approve for an ATM in our campus, so that it may relieve us from the daily hazards.

I guess I am not the lone sufferer. You must have received similar pleas from other residents of our society as well. I am looking forward to your prompt response.


Mrs. Jyoti Namjoshi

Complaint letter to Higher Authorities


The Dean,

Academic Department,

International University of Information Security Management,


United States of America.

Subject: Complaint regarding non-availability of pilot journals in the library

Hello Sir,

I am a research scholar of the Information Security Management faculty in your university. It had been three months of the commencement of the course, and till now we have none of the pilot research journals available in our international library. It was notified at the beginning of the course that some of the pilot journals may not be available due to some renovation work going on at the library journal section. But most of them will be replaced by the recent issues.

Till date there had been no such improvements in the library stock of the management journal section. All our requests to the library in-charges went in vain. It would be great if you kindly look into the matter and consider the case as early as possible.

Thanking in advance.

Smith Jones

Complaint to School


The Principal,

Dreamland Kindergarten,

New Delhi,


Subject: Complaint against irregular school cab service

Hello Sir,

My daughter is one of the kindergarten students of your school. Staying at a distant place from the school site, we had opted for the school cab service provided by your school for her convenience. But it is unfortunate to bring to your notice that quite often the cab fails to meet the deadline to reach school on time, where every day it picks up my daughter at the right time from our society gate.

As a guardian of a kindergarten kid, we are really worried about the same. In fact we had a direct talk with the cab driver on this matter to which he clearly defended with vague excuses of traffic jam, rail gate delays etc. Like any rational mind will accept the fact that the same accidental things cannot keep on happening everyday with the same person repeatedly.

We are really scared of something fishy going on the way. Please take care of the same and help us to come out of the situation.


Anjali Khanna

Complaint Against Poor Service


The Hostel In Charge,

B-Block, Ladies Hostel,

Ambuja College of Management,

Pune, Maharashtra

Subject: Complaint against poor housekeeping services in the mentioned block of the ladies hostel

Hello Sir,

This is a gentle reminder of our previous complaint against the poor housekeeping services at the ‘B’ block of the ladies hostel. Being one of the residents of the same block, it becomes really difficult to bear the bathroom stinks for weeks. It had been some three to four weeks when the hostel lavatories and bathrooms were last cleaned. With three pairs of bathroom-lavatory pairs and more than ten heads in a single floor, it becomes really tiresome to keep cleaning them ourselves.

Also, the corridors and dustbins remain equally neglected for months. None of the sweepers are found during the stipulated hours of work. We kept docketing our complaints in the hostel complaint register several times, but of no fruits.

It is becoming an unbearable nuisance to be tolerated any more. We are looking forward to your visit at the mentioned block so that we may find a way our from it.

Thanks and regards,

All girls from B-Block Ladies Hostel