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Condolence Letter To Manager

To Mr. Alfred Bayonet Griffith 6755, Silver Field Blvd San Jose, CA Date: 3rd May, 2012 Subject: Condolence Letter Dear Mr. Alfred Bayonet Griffith, I, Shawn Michael am writing this letter of condolence on behalf of every staff member of ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. to pay tribute to the sudden death of your beloved wife… Read More »

Condolence Letter To Donor

To, Mrs. Selena Jonathan 98, Mid-West Road San Jose, CA Date: 26th September, 2011 Subject: Condolence Letter Dear Mrs. Selena Jonathan, I am writing this letter of condolence on behalf of my Trust to pay our deep homage to your husband. We just learnt about it and we are extremely sorry to hear about the… Read More »

Cancer Condolence Letter

Ms. Selena Jonathan 554, Jacksonville Street Jacksonville Date: 14th September, 2011 Dear Ms. Selena Jonathan, I heard about the death of your grandfather after fighting with a long sickness, cancer. I am writing this condolence letter to pay my tribute to such a fine man. I know this is a time of great glumness and… Read More »

Professional Condolence Letter

To Mr. Brown Griffin 47, Riverside Apartments Springdale Date: 16th August, 2012 Subject: Condolence Letter Dear Mr. Brown Griffin, I am writing this letter of condolence on behalf of my concern as well as frommy company XYZ Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. We are extremely sorry to hear about your immense loss in the family. This… Read More »

Funeral Condolence Letter

To MrMichael Bloom 15B Oxford Road, London Date: 27th June’ 2012 Subject: Funeral Condolence Letter Dear Michael Bloom, I know this is time of great grief and sadness for all of us at the death of your grandmother, Mrs. Gibbs. She was suffering from prolonged illness and was fighting bravely till the death took over… Read More »

Company Condolence Letter

To Mr. Michael Brown 78, Springdale Blvd. San Francisco, CA Date: 22nd August, 2012 Subject: Company Condolence Letter Dear Mr. Michael Brown, We at ABC Pvt. Ltd. are immensely sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather. On behalf of all of my team members please allow me to express my deepest sympathy to… Read More »

Personal Condolence Letter

Date: 8thJuly’ 2012 Subject: Personal Condolence Letter Dear Selena, I was shocked and still am to hear this heartbroken news about sudden death of your uncle yesterday. I really wanted to tell to you and your family how mournful and saddened I am to hear this dolorous news. I totally understand the feeling you have… Read More »

University Condolence Letter

To Mr. Sam Smith 14, Springdale Apartments San Jose, CA Date: 30th July’ 2012 Subject: University Condolence Letter Dear Mr. Sam Smith, We just got the mournful news of sudden death of your mother in law and we all are devastated at this despairing news. We all know how much close you were to her… Read More »

Condolence Appreciation Letter

Date: 27th May’ 2012 Subject: Letter for Condolence Appreciation Dear Edward, I would really like to thank you for the concern you showed and for the valuable time you that you with me at the time when ot was most required. I really feel glad to see that my friends are so close to me… Read More »

Condolence Sympathy Letter

Date: 24thMay’ 2012 Subject: Condolence Sympathy Letter Dear Kate, I heard of the incompensable loss about you grandfather. As you are fully aware about my aunt’s death last year so I truly understand how you must be feeling and have a complete idea of what you are going through right now emotionally. He was great… Read More »