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Formal Congratulation Letter


Mr. Richard James O’Connor

34B Crescent Lane


KF 23 CS

United Kingdom

Cell No.: 666 – 9999 – 111

Subject: Formal Congratulation Letter

Respected Mr. Richard James O’Connor

I am writing this letter on behalf of our company XYZ Insurance Pvt. Ltd.  to congratulate you in achieving your team’s targets so early. This is the first time in our company’s history that any team has achieved the targets at this pace. Our management would like to provide your team a special bonus to motivate their spirit and a promotion for you for such impeccable work.

You and your team have set an example of hard work and great dedication. While others are not able to achieve their goals in such increasing competition, your team have proved the old proverb absolutely right that where there is a will, there is a way.

Now your team has set another standard of work for themselves and so the expectation levels of the company will also rise and it will be now your duty to maintain this level of standard by providing such excellent performances in the future.

We pray for your success and growing career.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Bloom


XYZ Insurance Pvt. Ltd.

Business Anniversary Congratulation Letter


Edwin Thomson Barley

23 South Streets


LF 56 CS

United Kingdom

Cell No. – 677 – 2301 – 345

Subject: Business Anniversary Congratulation Letter

Dear Eddie

It’s just a huge moment of joy and proud to wish you on your 1st Business Anniversary. I hope I am the first one to do so. Right now I am feeling so proud of you. I am extremely happy at this moment. We all love you and are proud to what you have achieved.

You have always been keen to have your own business since your childhood. Only a few kids know what they want to become at the age of nine but you were confident to become a successful businessman and so you are. It’s a rare position which you have earned with your continuous hard work, dedication, enthusiasm and to do something spirit

You were ready to do anything and work under any condition to attain a growing business. This is the reason of your success. Your hard work has paid off finely.

I am waiting for a huge hug from my lovely grandson whom I love the most in this world.

I wish for your continued success and growth in the future.

Yours grand father

Mathew Thomson Barley

Contact No. – 698 – 567 – 1256

Business Award Congratulation Letter


Michael Griffiths

23 Crescent Streets


KF 56 CS

United Kingdom

Cell No. – 698 – 8741 – 749

Subject: Congratulating on getting the Business Award

Dear Michael Griffiths

I just saw on television that you have been chosen to get this year’s Business Award. This is the news of so much happiness and to be proud of. Achieving a Business Award at the age of just 29 is not a small thing which you can see every day. It’s a rare occasion which you have earned with your continuous hard work, enthusiasm, dedication and to do something spirit.

I know you since childhood and I still remember your passion towards a bright successful career. You were ready to do anything and work under any condition to attain a tremendous success and of course you did. This is the reason of your success. I still remember in the graduation time, you met an accident but still you attended the classes and had exams with a broken leg. You truly deserve this Business Award.

Be ready to give a huge treat because all of us are waiting eagerly.

Well done, and I wish you continued success.

Yours friend

Mathew Gomez

612 – 8972 – 342

Volunteer Congratulation Letter


Mr. James Mathew Brar

56A Crescent Street



United Kingdom

Cell No.: 618 – 9238 – 084

Subject: Volunteer Congratulation Letter

Respected Mr. James Mathew Brar

This letter is intended to congratulate you on your volunteer position at our hospital ABC Health Clinic. It will be our honor to have dedicated and enthusiastic youngsters like you who care for mankind and try to serve the humanity as much as possible. This is the passion which our generation should possess to make our nation to become a growing and a happy one.

I assure you this will be a great experience for you and it will provide you a professional growth and a wide exposure in the industry. This opportunity will help you to decide what aspect of the medical field you would like to make your future with and to further pursue. It will also be a fun and learning experience while working with other professional with vital experience in the field.

You can contact our executive Mr. Shawn Michael for further details on his number 756 – 8754- 987. Feel free to contact.

We pray for your success and a happy life.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Black


ABC Health Clinic

Promotion Congratulation Letter


Jack Stomas Thomas

4A Crescent Street



United Kingdom

Cell No. – 672 – 7123 – 098

RE: Congratulating on the Promotion in the Job

Dear Brother

I just came back home from the college and heard from mom about you getting promotion. I am so excited to know that you have been promoted to Regional Manager in ABC Company. This is really a huge achievement in such a young age of 27. You should be so proud of yourself. We all are very happy and feeling so proud.

I always use to tell my friends that my brother is going to achieve great heights in his life with his immense dedication, problem solving skills and passion towards work. This kind of recognition is well deserved since you have achieved such great heights by doing excellent job.

We all love you and miss you. Hope you visit home early this month. Call me whenever you get time. Hope to hear from you early. Just be ready to spend a lot because I need a grand party and not only me all our friends and relatives are looking for one.

Well done, and I wish you continued success.

Yours Lovingly Sister,

Bella Stomas Thomas

Real Estate Congratulation Letter


Mr. Thomas Stewart Peterson

43C Crescent Street



United Kingdom

Cell No.: 678 – 8908 – 543

Subject: Congratulation on the purchase of New Home

Respected Mr.Thomas Stewart Peterson

This letter is to congratulate you on the purchase of your new house on behalf of me and my team at ABC Real Estate Ltd. We here are honored and thankful to you that you have chosen ABC Real Estate Ltd. to the re-designing, renovation and entire interior decoration for your new dream home.

We at ABC Real Estate Ltd. believe in providing excellent and beautiful houses to our clients. Client satisfaction and happiness is our top priority. We take immense pride in telling you that we work and employ only the best and most skillful professionals along with extreme experience professionals in our company. We guarantee you your complete satisfaction.

Our executive, James Mathew, will contact you shortly regarding the accounts details. I am enclosing his contact number which is 671 – 2345- 635. Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding anything.

We pray for your good health and a happy lifein the new home.

Thank you for your valuable time.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Black


ABC Real Estate Ltd.

Congratulation Retirement Letter


Mr. James Thomas Peterson

#12 Crescent Lane



United Kingdom

Subject: Congratulating on the Retirement from the job

Respected Mr. James Peterson

It is a matter of great honor and happiness to congratulate you on your retirement. You have been an appreciated and dedicated employee of the ABC Pvt. Ltd. company for last 30 years. Your contribution in the benefit of company can’t be explained in just a letter.

Your experience, intelligence, dedication and passion towards the work were remarkable. Yournever say die spirit always provided motivation to the fellow team members. Your loyalty will prove to be an example for every youngster. I am extremely happy that I got an opportunity to work with such a fine human being and I’m happy that you have this opportunity to spend some time with your family before you embark on your next venture in your glorious life. I am sure whatever you will do; it will be as great as you are.

Enjoy your time off, and I can’t wait to hear what next adventure is for you!

We pray for your good health and a happy living there after.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Black

Zonal Manager

ABC Pvt. Ltd.

Congratulation Graduation Letter


Rachele Marina Bloom

67B Crescent Street


KF 56 CS

United Kingdom

Subject: Congratulating on the completion of Graduation

Dear Kate

My dear lovely sister, you can’t even imagine how happy I am learning about completion of your graduation from papa this morning. I am feeling so excited and happy that I just want to come there and hug you tightly. It’s like a dream come true for me. We all are so proud of you. I am writing this letter not just to congratulate you but to let you know how much happy I am right now.

As you know I had to leave my study due to family needs but I always wanted you to study hard to get your degree. Today you have made me feel so proud that you have fulfilled my dream. You have always been sharp in study and getting first division in graduation proves that to everyone else. You are the first person in our family to finally get a graduation degree.

We all are missing you badly and waiting for you to come back home as soon as possible..

With lots of love,

Yours Lovingly Brother,

Johnny Marina Bloom

Congratulation Confirmation Letter


Eddie Stewart

45A Crescent Lane



United Kingdom

RE: Congratulating on the Confirmation of Job Position

Dear Son

I just got the news from your mother regarding you getting your job confirmation letter today. I am extremely happy and proud of you. This is a great opportunity for you to show how much talent you possess. ABC Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most prestigious and reputed firm today and getting a job confirmation there will prove to be a big asset in your career.

I have always been sure that you will get your dream job with your skills and capability. Eddiealways keep in mind that with great hard work, organizational skills, dedication, passion and immense motivational skills, you will surely become an asset to the company. Always be a good team member and be loyal to your employers because loyalty runs in our blood. A loyal employer is always better than a smart one.

We all love you, miss you and we all are so proud of you. Hope you visit home this summer early. Call me whenever you get time. Hope to hear from you early.

With lots of love

Yours Lovingly Papa,

Bill Stewart

Congratulations Engagement Letter

Thomas Taylor,

775, Benson,


June 08, 2011

James Williams

888, Benson,


Dear James,

I would like to congratulate you on your engagement. I am sorry dear I am not able to attend your engagement ceremony. But I have sent my mother to attend your engagement. I hope that you will have a blasting engagement evening.

I know that getting engaged is very important occasion for everyone which is going to happen in your life today. I wish you have the happiest and prosperous married life too. Although I am not able to your engagement yet I will wait for your separate party to me.

I once again congratulate you for your engagement. I hope that you are enjoying the ceremony. I will meet you soon when I will back to city. I will be waiting for your party after the engagement and I hope that you will not forget this.

Thanking You,


Thomas Taylor