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Formal Congratulation Letter

To Mr. Richard James O’Connor 34B Crescent Lane London KF 23 CS United Kingdom Cell No.: 666 – 9999 – 111 Subject: Formal Congratulation Letter Respected Mr. Richard James O’Connor I am writing this letter on behalf of our company XYZ Insurance Pvt. Ltd.  to congratulate you in achieving your team’s targets so early. This… Read More »

Business Anniversary Congratulation Letter

To Edwin Thomson Barley 23 South Streets London LF 56 CS United Kingdom Cell No. – 677 – 2301 – 345 Subject: Business Anniversary Congratulation Letter Dear Eddie It’s just a huge moment of joy and proud to wish you on your 1st Business Anniversary. I hope I am the first one to do so.… Read More »

Business Award Congratulation Letter

To Michael Griffiths 23 Crescent Streets London KF 56 CS United Kingdom Cell No. – 698 – 8741 – 749 Subject: Congratulating on getting the Business Award Dear Michael Griffiths I just saw on television that you have been chosen to get this year’s Business Award. This is the news of so much happiness and… Read More »

Volunteer Congratulation Letter

To Mr. James Mathew Brar 56A Crescent Street London KF 7B CS United Kingdom Cell No.: 618 – 9238 – 084 Subject: Volunteer Congratulation Letter Respected Mr. James Mathew Brar This letter is intended to congratulate you on your volunteer position at our hospital ABC Health Clinic. It will be our honor to have dedicated… Read More »

Promotion Congratulation Letter

To Jack Stomas Thomas 4A Crescent Street London KF 1A CS United Kingdom Cell No. – 672 – 7123 – 098 RE: Congratulating on the Promotion in the Job Dear Brother I just came back home from the college and heard from mom about you getting promotion. I am so excited to know that you… Read More »

Real Estate Congratulation Letter

To Mr. Thomas Stewart Peterson 43C Crescent Street London KF 7B CS United Kingdom Cell No.: 678 – 8908 – 543 Subject: Congratulation on the purchase of New Home Respected Mr.Thomas Stewart Peterson This letter is to congratulate you on the purchase of your new house on behalf of me and my team at ABC… Read More »

Congratulation Retirement Letter

To Mr. James Thomas Peterson #12 Crescent Lane London KF 5A CS United Kingdom Subject: Congratulating on the Retirement from the job Respected Mr. James Peterson It is a matter of great honor and happiness to congratulate you on your retirement. You have been an appreciated and dedicated employee of the ABC Pvt. Ltd. company… Read More »

Congratulation Graduation Letter

To Rachele Marina Bloom 67B Crescent Street London KF 56 CS United Kingdom Subject: Congratulating on the completion of Graduation Dear Kate My dear lovely sister, you can’t even imagine how happy I am learning about completion of your graduation from papa this morning. I am feeling so excited and happy that I just want… Read More »

Congratulation Confirmation Letter

To Eddie Stewart 45A Crescent Lane London KF 2B CS United Kingdom RE: Congratulating on the Confirmation of Job Position Dear Son I just got the news from your mother regarding you getting your job confirmation letter today. I am extremely happy and proud of you. This is a great opportunity for you to show… Read More »

Congratulations Engagement Letter

Thomas Taylor, 775, Benson, Arizona-85602 June 08, 2011 James Williams 888, Benson, Arizona-85602 Dear James, I would like to congratulate you on your engagement. I am sorry dear I am not able to attend your engagement ceremony. But I have sent my mother to attend your engagement. I hope that you will have a blasting… Read More »