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Donation Proposal Letter

The Chairman Leftman Corporation New Delhi SUBJECT: Proposed NGOs for making Donations Apropos the Board’s decision to make donations to charitable, nongovernmental organization, here are few proposals that fit the desirability criteria.  All of them have good repute for rendering commendable service to the underprivileged and have been functional over a period of five years. … Read More »

Donation Condolence Letter

Manager Disaster Management Relief Foundation Haiti SUBJECT: Letter for Donation and Condolence The news of the devastating earthquake in Haiti is new to no one.  It has taken the world into mourning given its magnitude and severity.  Saying that, we understand even a small percent of the pain and loss suffered by the affected families… Read More »

Equipment Donation Letter

The Manager LifeSecure Clinic Tamil Nadu SUBJECT: EQUIPMENTS FOR DONATION The Board of Directors of Kent Hospital Group is greatly impressed by the welfare work done by your NGO.  Providing healthcare facilities to the underprivileged women, children and elderly who have no other socio-economic support to even fund their own medicines and healthcare costs is… Read More »

Charity Donation Rejection Letter

To S.K. Jha Jha Industries Ltd. SUBJECT: Charity Donation Rejection Due to Check Bounce This is to inform that due to certain technical error the cheque provided as donation to our charity organization by your firm under your name has not been approved by the bank.  You are advised to kindly look into the matter. … Read More »

Donation Notification Letter

To, Bina Sen Gupta G/34 Baroda Bangalore SUBJECT: ANNUAL DONATION NOTIFICATION LETTER Greetings to All! The time has come to look beyond oneself and render service to those who are less fortunate and less privileged than us. The Happy+ Foundation was created with an objective to help HIV positive patients hailing from economically weaker background. … Read More »

Donation Presentation Letter

The Manager Being Human Mumbai SUBJECT: Letter for Donation Presentation Apropos your notification letter, the company took up the issue with its Board of Directors as well as put up the idea among its employees to consider and finally we have come to the conclusion that we would like to make donation to your organization.… Read More »

Donation Product Letter

To Manager Refugee911 Orissa SUBJECT: Donation in kind for Flood Victims and Affected Families. We have been deeply saddened and shocked by the recent catastrophe that has struck Orissa. As responsible citizens of the country, the students, faculty and non teaching staff of Bloomburg Public School have pooled in their resources to make donations for… Read More »

Donation Vendor Letters

The Manager Tirupati Store Hyderabad Sir/Ma’am This letter is an appeal for donation required for an important fund raiser event being organized on 17th October 2012 (Saturday) from 12 noon till 10 p.m. at Contra Street by our organization CanKids. Our organization works for the welfare and support of destitute children diagnosed with or suffering… Read More »

Donation Confirmation Letter

To The Manager Hotel Empire Mumbai SUBJECT: Donation Confirmation Letter This letter is acknowledgment of the genuine donation made by your Company to our organization.  Bio Live works for the betterment of the environment, protection of bio diversity and preservation of wildlife on this planet.  Numerous projects have been undertaken since the organization’s inauguration- some… Read More »

Asking for Donation Letter

(Your Address Line 1) (Your Address Line 2) (Date) Mr. / Ms. (Complete Name) (Address Line 1) (Address Line 2) Dear Mr. / Ms. (Last Name), The graduating class of (name of school) batch (year) is donating our time to the grandparents living at (name of the home for the elderly) on (date). This is… Read More »