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Fundraising Rejection Letter

To, The Better Home Foundation 183, Freedom Road, Nashville, Tennessee, 833 406 Dear Better Home Foundation, We thank you for your request for financial assistance. Unfortunately, we are unable to entertain your grant for this year, since there are limited funds and numerous credible organizations vying for them. We regret the lack of contribution from… Read More »

Fundraising Opportunity Letter

To, All Team Members, Omaha Golfing Community Dear Team Members, On behalf of the Omaha Golfing Community, we would like to offer you a fantastic fundraising opportunity. One of the biggest fundraisers organized by the Community annually is the Golf Tournament (ages 18-21), where the primary source of funds is the numerous sponsors. Sponsorship is… Read More »

Fundraising Engagement Letter

Dear Ted, 529, Capton Street California It is a great pleasure to announce the commencement of the Annual Spring Carnival on 16 February 2013. As the Carnival will continue until 20 February 2013, it is a great platform for you to advertise your business with us. Each year the carnival witnesses a string of visitors… Read More »

Fundraising Response Letter

To, The Make a Wish Foundation, Suite 172-180, West 81st Street, New York, NY, 411 758 Dear Make a Wish Foundation, This is to let you know that I have received your letter requesting financial aid for the ‘Dream Come True’ project. I understand that it is a project aimed at helping terminally ill children.… Read More »

Fundraising Proposal Letter

Dear Community Member, Thank you for showing interest in our organization. We are thrilled to receive your reply to our query letter and are pleased to present to you our grant proposal for our latest project. As you know, Hope is Alive Foundation (HAF) is an organization that helps underprivileged children by teaching them basic… Read More »

Fundraising Restaurant Letter

Dear Raven, 326, Park Avenue Georgia The yearly dinner and auction, a notable fundraising event for the Aids Help Organization, is scheduled for November 29, 2012. The previous year’s event was a huge success. We plan to make the current year’s dinner and auction even more interesting. You will have a grand time participating in… Read More »

Fundraising Query Letter

Dear Community Member, The Hope is Alive Foundation (HAF) needs your help. We at HAF strive to provide all the children of the community with basic computer skills. A lot of children in our community are underprivileged and do not have the resources that they need to deal with this fast paced world. Just primary… Read More »

Fundraising Renewal Letter

Dear Supporter, We would like to begin by thanking you for your indispensible and unwavering interest and support towards our program in the past year. The help we have received from your organization has been extremely crucial, and we have greatly benefited from it. We think that Hope Is Alive Foundation (HAF) has managed to… Read More »

Fundraising Invitation Letter

Dear Nadia, 356, Almond Street Arizona With great pleasure, we announce that the Black and Blue Orchestra Company will present a mesmerizing evening of violin concert at the Bling Festival hosted by the St. Mathews Hospital. The concert will take place on the grounds of St. Mathews Hospital on November 29, 2012. Proceeds generated from… Read More »

Fundraising Application Letter

To, Mrs. Katherine Stewart 12, Orange Boulevard, Seattle, WA, 903 218 Dear Mrs. Stewart, How many children below the age of 15 are diagnosed with terminally-ill diseases each year? Statistics suggest that over 3400 children fall prey to terminally ill diseases between the age of 12 and 15 every year, due to lack of medical… Read More »