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Goodbye Company Letter

HR Manager ABC Inc., Florida, USA Sub: Letter of Resignation from ABC Inc. Deal Sir With due respect I wish to say that It has been quite a successful and satisfactory career for me at ABC Inc. working as Software Development Engineer (BDE) for the last 5 years. During my job tenure at this company… Read More »

Goodbye Divorce Letter

Sean, I realized that writing to you was the only way I could get myself across to you without constantly relapsing into fights. I never married you thinking that we’d ultimately get divorced. I guess we changed over the years and communication broke down. A normal discussion without accusations and allegations became a rarity. Sean,… Read More »

Goodbye Employment Letter

Dear All Sub: Letter Bidding Farewell to Employment Let me take these special moments to intimate all concerned at XYZ Company that I have decided to leave the company as HR manager to pursue my hobby of singing. Over the working tenure of 5 years of my job as a HR manager I have been… Read More »

Goodbye Relationship Letter

Dear Jack, I never expected this day would come, but now that it has come I want to sign off in style. I know it’s hard to part ways, on this note I want you to understand what you mean to me. I have known you for long and that gives me the right to… Read More »

Goodbye Graduation Letter

To the graduating class (2012), After being together for years, it is now time to bid farewell. Though goodbyes are emotional, I take this opportunity to let you all know that you mean a lot to me. Many of our college events have unified us and proved that unity is strength. We have laughed and… Read More »

Goodbye Coworker Letter

AB Technologies Inc. 10th Street, NYC, USA Sub: Letter Bidding Farewell to Co-workers Dear Colleagues It has been great pleasure to work all throughout my service tenure as Assistant Manager at Regional Office of AB Technologies Inc. with the excellent support of all people at this office. It pains me to inform you all that… Read More »

Goodbye Greeting Letter

Dear Steven, I regret to learn that you are no longer associated with our company. As your most trusted colleague for the past five years I stand here today all alone bidding farewell to you and wishing you all luck for the future. Since I will not be seeing you at work from tomorrow I… Read More »

Salary Grievance Letter

To, Mr. Frank Slade Wildcorp News Agency 456 Steve Street, Canada 10th September’2012 Sir, Due to certain personal needs, I took in advance a quarter of my two months’ salary i.e. of July and August in the month of June’2012 and I am highly grateful to your support for the same. However I want to… Read More »

Goodbye Relationship Letter

Dear Sonia, You know I’m not good with farewells. It’s difficult to say goodbye to a friend who’s been with you for the last 11 years. We’ve been through the proverbial thick and thin and without you I’m nothing. We’ve fought and ignored each other but have always come back together. I saw the disappointment… Read More »

Goodbye Phrases Letter

Dear Michael, I am writing this letter as a continuation of our last conversation. I am sorry to say that our relationship really is not working out. The last three months have reinforced my realization that we’re two opposite people and simply not meant to be. Consequently we have fallen short of our respective expectations.… Read More »