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Goodbye Company Letter

HR Manager

ABC Inc.,

Florida, USA

Sub: Letter of Resignation from ABC Inc.

Deal Sir

With due respect I wish to say that It has been quite a successful and satisfactory career for me at ABC Inc. working as Software Development Engineer (BDE) for the last 5 years. During my job tenure at this company I have added many achievements of developing high-end and highly efficient software for various applications.

However, developing unique and high-end software for the Mobile and Smartphone has always been my passion and all-time interest as well. That is why, with your kind permission, I wish to resign from ABC Inc. due to the above mentioned reason.

Let me take time, in good faith, to intimate respected HR department that I, the undersigned, have been successful in securing a senior level position of interest at a company willing to appoint me in my hometown. Keeping in view my family requirements I decided to forward my resignation from ABC Inc.

Keeping in view urgency of the switching I humbly request you to initiate all formalities to be complete within stipulated time period. However, if there is any formality to be completed from my part please intimate me with the intended formalities to be completed. Thanking you in anticipation.

Bobby S Winselet

14th Regional Street,


Goodbye Divorce Letter


I realized that writing to you was the only way I could get myself across to you without constantly relapsing into fights.

I never married you thinking that we’d ultimately get divorced. I guess we changed over the years and communication broke down. A normal discussion without accusations and allegations became a rarity. Sean, our needs and priorities are very different. And our constant fights weren’t helping either. Your ego always got in the way and I got tired of fighting all the time. They say opposites attract but perhaps not always.

Since we’re both responsible for our marriage failing we can blame no one else. So bearing that in mind I believe it is best we settle things mutually. I will not press for alimony provided you settle this now and amicably. If I claim for alimony my lawyers will ensure I get one. However I am open to a legal understanding. Being financially independent I can take care of myself.

My lawyers are willing to settle things provided you agree to do the same. We can share the rent of our Brooklyn flat. I shall retain my grandmother’s diamond-ruby set and the jewelry I bought. I shall duly return the jewelry given to me by you and your family. There is no need for long-drawn court battles since they will only further destroy us emotionally and financially.

I hope that you’ll approve of my decision. It’s for the best. I wish you achieve the happiness that eluded us in life.

Take care.


Goodbye Employment Letter

Dear All

Sub: Letter Bidding Farewell to Employment

Let me take these special moments to intimate all concerned at XYZ Company that I have decided to leave the company as HR manager to pursue my hobby of singing. Over the working tenure of 5 years of my job as a HR manager I have been blessed with great working and learning opportunities that enhanced my knowledge and skills.

As most of my respected colleagues are well familiar with my passion for music and that it has deep-place in heart. However, I always given my full time to execute the responsibilities bestowed on me by this organization than over pursuing my hobby. As it is extremely out of question to give full time pursuing my singing hobby while at the same time being in full time employment, saying goodbye to the employment is, in my, view, the most judicious decision I ever took.

I am extremely hopeful that the challenging lessons I got to learn here would also help me come out with flying colors in my music career to. I would specially thank the management to offer me best wishes and to all of my colleagues who always helped me all throughout my career at this company. Thanks to one and all.

John Halasz

10th Local Street

Washington DC


Goodbye Relationship Letter

Dear Jack,

I never expected this day would come, but now that it has come I want to sign off in style. I know it’s hard to part ways, on this note I want you to understand what you mean to me. I have known you for long and that gives me the right to comment on your personality. You are a true charmer and you make friends pretty fast and that is why I have never felt uncomfortable with you around.

You have always supported me, be it in studies or sports. We have shared our joys and sorrows like no one else did. I want to thank you for all the lovely memories of our closeness.

The first time I met you at the school dormitory I did not realize that you will leave such a great impact on me. At times I thought you are crazy, especially fighting with the school football coach to take me into the team. I know you are not scared of anything and are brave enough to go into a haunted house at midnight.

Well friend, now that we are no more together, I want you to know that whenever you need a friend I am always there for you.

Michael H. baker

5453 Lemon Grove Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90038-4000

Goodbye Graduation Letter

To the graduating class (2012),

After being together for years, it is now time to bid farewell. Though goodbyes are emotional, I take this opportunity to let you all know that you mean a lot to me. Many of our college events have unified us and proved that unity is strength. We have laughed and cried together, at times even fought with each other.

But now is the time to forget all the bad things that happened between us and relish the good memories of our togetherness. It has been a pleasure being part of this graduating class that has helped me realize what friendship means. It is time to part ways, after this day each one will head towards a different direction busy working towards the future ahead.

No time could be appropriate to thank all my professors and lecturers who have guided me and are responsible for what I am today. Their patience, diligence and noble virtues are responsible for turning each and every one of us into responsible citizens.

As we part ways, we will move into the outside world fighting for recognition and working towards stabilizing our future, I wish everyone best of luck in their future endeavor.

Once again goodbye and thanks for all the support!

Anthony T. Christian

3298 NW 32nd St

Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33309-5502

Goodbye Coworker Letter

AB Technologies Inc.

10th Street,


Sub: Letter Bidding Farewell to Co-workers

Dear Colleagues

It has been great pleasure to work all throughout my service tenure as Assistant Manager at Regional Office of AB Technologies Inc. with the excellent support of all people at this office. It pains me to inform you all that I am leaving this office which gave me so much support and growth in my career.

While my senior colleague taught me the skills to deal with complex situations in real life challenges, at the same time I got to share valuable information, courage and ability to take risk from the young and newly joined people.

I would specially thank my supporting staff as well as management at this office. The memories of pleasing relations with people of my very own department would lie deep within my heart throughout my life. Some of fellows have been pretty close to me, specially my personal assistant helping me out finishing all tasks on time with efficiency.

As all of you are already aware of my transfer as well as promotion to Head of the Department at head office of AB Technologies Inc. Let me bid farewell, with heavy heart, to all of my valuable colleagues and I offer my best wishes to all of you.

P.K. Johnson

Lions’ Line Building

10 Market Street


Goodbye Greeting Letter

Dear Steven,

I regret to learn that you are no longer associated with our company. As your most trusted colleague for the past five years I stand here today all alone bidding farewell to you and wishing you all luck for the future. Since I will not be seeing you at work from tomorrow I want to put in words how much I relish your friendship.

You have always been a pillar of support to me and I shall never forget the projects we have done together.

During the past years you have provided me encouragement and have guided me in the right direction. I have shared a unique relationship that I want to continue every after you leave our company.

Since you are moving to a new job, through this letter I want you to know that I will sincerely pray to the almighty that you succeed in your new job and create a niche for yourself in the industry. If I could be of any help to you feel free to call me and I assure that I’ll always be there for you.

Please keep in touch.

Arthur J. Barrera
7541 Clementine Dr
Corona, CA 92880-9019

Salary Grievance Letter

Mr. Frank Slade

Wildcorp News Agency

456 Steve Street, Canada

10th September’2012


Due to certain personal needs, I took in advance a quarter of my two months’ salary i.e. of July and August in the month of June’2012 and I am highly grateful to your support for the same. However I want to highlight that only a quarter of two months’ basic salary plus dearness allowance was taken in advance and so I expected to receive the 3/4th of basic salary and DA and whole amount of allowances in the next two months.

My salary account was credited rightly for July but there is a deficit of $1200 in the salary of August as I received only half my composite salary of August. On confirmation with Mr. Jack Smith, company’s accountant, I found out that my salary account has been wrongly debited by $3200 as advance salary taken while the actual amount received was $2000.

I suspect that it can be an accounts mistake and request you to look into the matter since this has caused me great inconvenience. Please order an examination of accounts as soon as possible so I can get my dues on time.

Thank you

Conan Dowell


Goodbye Relationship Letter

Dear Sonia,

You know I’m not good with farewells. It’s difficult to say goodbye to a friend who’s been with you for the last 11 years. We’ve been through the proverbial thick and thin and without you I’m nothing. We’ve fought and ignored each other but have always come back together.

I saw the disappointment in your face when I told you about my Europe university applications. But I also know that you want the best for me and will always be happy for me. I got so busy with my applications that the last couple of months flew like the wind. I’m sorry we couldn’t meet that much. I can’t believe it’s time for me to leave already. Sonia, your presence in my life can never be taken by anyone.

The thought of being oceans away from you is overwhelming and words can’t do justice to the emotions raging inside me.

A parting is not the end of the world. No matter which part of the world I’m in, you are and will always be my best friend forever. With all the memories I bid you farewell till the next time we meet. Forget me not!

Love always,


Goodbye Phrases Letter

Dear Michael,

I am writing this letter as a continuation of our last conversation. I am sorry to say that our relationship really is not working out. The last three months have reinforced my realization that we’re two opposite people and simply not meant to be. Consequently we have fallen short of our respective expectations.

A relationship cannot be a one sided affair. Sacrifices, compromises and understandings have to be made mutually. However, this is not to say that you didn’t do anything. You did. But it wasn’t enough. There were times when I felt that you weren’t putting in the effort that I was in this relationship. We drifted apart. Your professional commitments created more strain and now that you’re shifting cities it is all the more reason for us to break up.

Notwithstanding our differences I am still thankful to you for coming into my life and helping me grow in ways I never thought I would. I hope that my presence in your life, albeit short, was not absolutely fruitless either. We did share some special moments and keeping the good in mind, let’s part as friends and not as foes.

Live well. Take care.