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Romantic Good Morning Letter

From Peters Hemmer Manchester To Lucy Williams London Hello Lucy! I believe you have already woken up. Today I want to wish you a very pleasant Morning! I know today you are in a hurry to leave home to take up your new job. It is a very special day for you. Hence I thought… Read More »

Romantic Proposal Letter

Dearest Aasha, Through this letter may I make a proposal that I wanted to make for a long time since we met last October. I wish to make you my life partner. If this wish of mine is fulfilled I am the most fortunate man on earth. Those few days when you were in India… Read More »

Romantic Anniversary Letter

Dear Glen, I was eagerly waiting to greet you on this great day. Though a couple of years have passed, my memories of this day two from years back are still fresh. I can still recollect your appearance like an angel at our wedding celebration. How proud I was on that day! When both of… Read More »

Romantic Letter of Intent

From Stella Martin Manchester To Robert Hemmer London Dear Robert, Since it is not easy for me to meet you in person I am writing this letter to urgently convey you my decision. I do not know whether you expected this from me or not. But, the day we became friends I made up my… Read More »

Romantic Break-up Letter

From Don Christ Maryland To Rose Patters Maryland Hello Rose, You know that I seldom write to you. Whenever I want to communicate something to you I chat over the phone or meet you in person and talk. Listening to your sweet voice as well as seeing you in person was a pleasure for me.… Read More »

Romantic messages for boyfriend

Romance is the key to keep any relationship live long with great joy. A long, health and loving relationship needs you to fall in love with the same person again & again, and romance is also a secret behind long running relationships. Here are few romantic messages for boyfriend which you can send him at… Read More »

Cute Romantic Love Letter

1234, Big Springs Ct Las Vegas. 13th November, 2012. Dear Love, I just want to tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me.  My world is incomplete without you. I feel as if I have found my perfect soul-mate in you. The moment I wake up, all I can… Read More »

Romantic Letter to Him

1234 Frankford Rd Dallas, TX 75252 9th January, 2012. Dear Love, Though it has been just a couple of days since you left, it feels like a lifetime.  I didn’t realize how much I love you till we faced this separation.  Now I understand why they say, that distance makes the heart grow fonder. As… Read More »

Romantic Apology Letter

1234 N Main St El Dorado, KS 67042 13th March, 2011. Dear Honey, If only these three words ‘I am sorry’ can express all that I am feeling right now!  I cannot apologize enough for my inexcusable behavior the other day.  I lost my temper very badly and I know I scared you with my… Read More »

How to write a romantic letter

Writing romantic letters is not an easy job for most of us.  When it comes to expressing our feeling, very often we fail short.  However, if you follow these simple tips, you too can write romantic letters and make your loved one happy. Hand-written letters are always better than computer print outs or typed ones. … Read More »