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Employment Solicitation Letter

To, ________________ [concerned person’s name] ___________________ [concerned person’s job designation] _____________________ [concerned person’s employer organization] ___________________________ [Line 1 of the office address] ____________________________ [Line 2 of the office address] Dated: ___________ [day] of ___________ [month] _____________ [year] Subject: ________________ [mention that it is solicitation for employment]   Respected __________________ [surname with proper salutation before it],… Read More »

Solicitation Job Letter

To, ____________________ [name of the authorized person] ______________________ [designation of the authorized person] _____________________ [name of the hiring company] ________________ Street name and number [office address] City name ______________ State _________________ [office address line 2] Dated: ___________ [mention the day, month and year] Subject: ________________ [mention the position the sender is applying for]   Respected… Read More »

Solicitation Application Letter

To, State the name of letter’s recipient: _______________ State the job designation: _______________ State the employer organization’s name: _____________ State the location address of the organization: _____________ Dated: _________________ [date on which the application has been drafted] Subject: ___________________ [mention that the application is for the purpose of solicitation]   Respected _________________ [last name with… Read More »

Solicitation Request Letter

To, Name of letter’s recipient: ____________ Job title of recipient: ____________ Organization in which recipient is employed: _______________ First line of address of the organization’s office: _______________ Second line of address of the organization’s office: _______________ State the date of writing the letter ___________________ Subject: __________________ [mention that it is a request for solicitation]  … Read More »

Introduction Solicitation Letter

_________________________ [letter head of the organization] Name of the organization ___________________ Registered office address of the organization ____________________ Office contact number ________________ Office fax number _____________ Company website ____________________   To, Person to whom the letter is addressed: ______________ Job Post of the person addressed: ________________ Organization in which the person works: _____________ Here mention… Read More »

New Business Solicitation Letter

To, Recipient’s name: ______________ Designation of the recipient: ______________ Name of the recipient organization: _______________ Official address of the recipient: _______________ Dated: __________________ [Here mention the date of writing the letter] Subject: __________________ [mention the reason for writing the letter]   Dear ________________________ [last name or first name of the recipient], This letter is to… Read More »

Vendor Solicitation Letter

To, _______________ [receiver of the letter] _______________ [position in which the recipient is working] _______________ [name of the vendor organization] _______________________________ [Vendor organization’s street address] _______________________________ [City and state in which the office is located] Dated: ___________ Subject: __________________ [exact reason for writing the letter]   Respected Mr. _______________ [last name with proper salutation before… Read More »

Solicitation Rejection Letter

To, Recipient of the letter: ______________ Recipient’s job title: ______________ Organization in which he is working: _______________ Recipient’s official address: _______________ Dated: __________________ [date of writing the letter] Subject: __________________ [mention that is regarding rejection of solicitation]   Respected Mr./ Miss. / Mrs. ___________________  [last name of recipient], This is in regards to the solicitation… Read More »

Solicitation Cancellation Letter

To, Recipient of the letter: ______________ Recipient’s designation: ______________ Employer organization of recipient: _______________ Address of the recipient’s organization: _______________ Dated: __________________ [mention the day, month and the year] Subject: __________________ [mention that is regarding cancellation of solicitation] Respected Mr. /Mrs. /Miss. _______________, This is to inform you that the solicitation process undertaken by our… Read More »

Advertising Solicitation Letter

To, ____________ (Mention the recipient’s name) ________________ (Mention the recipient’s designation) _________________ (Mention the name of the organization he is working with) ___________________ (Mention the date on which the letter is being written) Subject ____________________ (Mention the purpose of writing the letter in not more than one sentence) Respected Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. _________________… Read More »