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Statement of Purpose Letter

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


______________ [name of the recipient]

______________ [address of the recipient]

Sub: – Statement of purpose

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is ____________________ [name of the candidate] and I am a _____________ [student/employee] at __________[name of the institute/company]. The purpose of writing this letter is _____________ [mention the purpose of writing the letter]. I am very much interested in the field of ______________ [field of interest like biologist, engineer, doctor, etc].

I want to be a very successful __________________ [designation the candidate wants to attain] and be able to ____________[what the candidates wish to do]. My interest in this field was since I was _______________________ [time since when you were interested]. I wanted to something different of what people generally do. I am a very __________________ and ________________ person [qualities of the candidate].

If any other information is needed from my side, then you can contact me on ____________________ [mention the phone number] or send me an email at ________________________ [mention the email address].

I hope you accept my application and help me grow. I would be eagerly waiting for a positive reply from your side.

Yours sincerely,

Signature ________________


Statement Of Support Letter

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


______________ [name of the concerned person]

______________ [name of the company]

______________ [address of the company]

Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss _______________ [name of the addressee],

Sub: – Statement of Support

My name is ___________ [your name] and I have enclosed a copy of my _______________ [identity proof like passport, driving license, etc] as my identity proof. I am writing this letter in support of Mr/Mrs/Miss ____________ [name of the person being supported] who is my ________________ [relation to the person supporting] and is a ____________________ [designation like student, trainee, etc.] at _____________________ [name of the college/ institute/ organization].

I have known ________________ [name of the person being supported] for _____________ [duration in months/years]. _________________ [name of the person being supported] is a very enthusiastic, hard-working and energetic. _______ [he/she] has joined _________________ [name of the organization] in order to gain experience and in his field of study. ____________________ [name of the program] will help __________ [him/her] to add a value to _______ [his/her] values and experience. During this conduct _________________ [name of the supported person] will be under my guidance and support as a guardian.

I am just lending my support so that he/she is able to look forward for a better career. I hope you please consider the request

Yours Sincerely,

_______________ [your signature]

_______________ [your name]

_______________ [name of the organization]

Statement Of Service Letter

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


______________ [name of the concerned person]

______________ [name of the company]

______________ [address of the company]

Sub: – Statement of service

Dear ________ [name of the concerned person],

As the ____________ [designation held by you in the organization] of ______________ [name of the organization] I wish to tell you that it is now the best time to renew our contract with your company so that we are able to provide you with our service of _________________ [service that was being provided] for the coming ____________ [duration of service in years/months].

As you are aware of the kind of service we deliver when it comes to ____________________ [service that is being provided]. I am glad to let you know we are refining our services of __________________ [name of the service] to meet the various customer needs and demands. We are also looking forward to hire _____________ [approx number of people] experienced employees so that we are able to provide a speedy and a quality service.

I hope I shall receive a quick reply from you in order to renew the contract of _______________ [name of the service/contract].

Thanking You,

_______________ [your signature]

_______________ [your name]

_______________ [name of the organization]

Vendor Statement Letter Template

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __ [dd] [mm] [yyyy]


____________________ [Name of the receiver]

____________________ [Company name]

____________________ [Address]

Subject:- Vendor statement letter

Dear _____________ [Sir/ Madam/ Name],

I _________________ [name of the person authorised] is writing this letter on behalf of the _________________ [name of the vendor/ company], to inform the above mentioned company about the ____________________ [monthly/quarterly/annually] statements generated by us.

As per our records, all the dues till ______________ [date mdd/mm/yyyy] are ______________ [cleared/pending] as per the latest statement. Your previous due towards the account is ____________ [amount] and according to the latest statement the due amount is _______________ [amount]. Hence, your total due balance is __________________ [amount]. As per our payment policy this payment has to made in _______________ [in full/partially] within ________________ [time limit] by ______________ [cheque/cash/Demand Draft] drawn in favour of ___________________ [name of the payment receiver].

___________________________ [name of the buying company] has been our esteemed client since ____________ [date in mm/yyyy] and we are happy to serve your requirements. We have enclosed all the other required details with the letter. If any other information is required from your end then please feel free to call the _____________ [customer service/manager/office] at ____________ [working hours/time] on _________________ [contact number].




Vendor Statement Request Letter Template

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


____________________ [Name of the vendor]

____________________ [Address]

____________________ [phone number]

Subject:- Vendor statement request letter

Dear _____________ [Sir/ Madam/ Name],

I _______________ [name of the writer], ____________ [designation] of the __________________ [name of the company], writing this letter to make a request for a detailed vendor statement. We have been doing business with you since ____________ [year of starting the business with the vendor], and have been a regular client since then.

______________ [name of the vendor company] has since been the sole and trusted supplier for the ______________ [raw material/material] for our company. We have yet made all the payments in advance, but due to policy change in our company we have certain criteria amended.

Just to clarify and match our transaction, we are looking forward for a transaction statement of our account from you. We request you to send us all the details of our account including all the transactions that we have made for the past_______________ [days/months/years]. The statement is urgent as we have to put up the same in ___________________ [board meeting/accounts dept] for the clearance of the bills that are due from our end.

We will appreciate your prompt response and are looking forward for a trusted and long business relation with you.




Account Statement Letter Template

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


__________________ [Name of customer]

__________________ [Address]

__________________ [City Name]

Subject:-Account statement letter

Dear _______________ [Salutation],

I _______________ [name of the writer], _____________ [designation] on behalf of the _______________ [bank name], writing this letter to inform you in regards to your account statement. As per your previous request, we have enclosed a detailed statement of your account from ____________ [start date dd/mm/yyyy] to ____________ [end date dd/mm/yyyy] for the account number ________________________ [account number].

The list of transactions is as per our records. If you find any details that are left out then you can contact the bank without further delay. We feel privileged to serve such loyal and regular customers of the bank. We are here to ensure the safety and growth of your finances. If you have any doubts about your account or need any more information then you can contact Mr/Mrs ____________________ [concerned authority] between _________ [working hours] in person. For further enquiries you can also call our 24X7 customer service number _________________ [customer service number].

We are here to provide the best customer service to our customers and will be happy to help you.




Employment Statement Letter Template

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


______________________ [Name of the recipient]

______________________ [Address of the recipient]

Subject: – Employment statement letter


Whom it may concern,

I ______________ [name of the writer] as a representative of the company______________ [name of the company] would like to inform you that Mr./Miss/Mrs. _______________ [name of the person for whom employment statement is written] is a _____________ [current/past] employee of the above mentioned company.

Mr./Mrs/Miss______________ [name of the employee], with employ ID ______________ [ID Number] is the ____________________ [permanent/part time] worker of this company. ______________ [He/ She] is designated as ____________ [name of the designation] in our organization since ______________ [date of Joining] till ___________ [present/Date of leaving].

The last drawn salary package of the above mentioned employee is _______________ [salary] for the month of ____________ [last month of service].

The above mentioned employee is a hard working and dedicated towards the company. He has been a reliable worker and hence sustained his/her presence in the company. All the required information regarding the employee is mentioned here. Apart from the above mentioned information if any further details are required then you can contact _____________________ [office address/phone number/name of the concerned person].

Any information against the rules and regulations of the company will not be shared.




Request Statement Letter Template

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


__________________ [Name of the bank Manager/authority]

__________________ [Address of the bank]

__________________ [Phone number]

Subject:-Request Statement letter

Dear _____________ [name/Sir/Madam],

I _______________ [name of the person requesting the statement], am a regular customer of your bank since ______________ [year]. My account number is _______________ [bank account number], and I am a ______________ [current/ saving] account holder in your bank. I work in __________________ [name of the organization] as ____________________[name of the position].

I have a requirement of my bank statement for ______________ [months/ years] starting from __________________[date of start of the statement requirement]. I have this urgent requirement as I have to present the statement in front of _______________ [any authorities] by _______________[last date of presenting statement]. I would have personally visited the bank for the same purpose but due to __________________ [give the reason], and hence cannot come to collect the statements.

I kindly request you to look into the matter as it is urgent for me. I will appreciate your concern as I am a regular customer of the bank. To confirm I would need the statement from________ [date] to ________ [date]. My postal address is _________________ [full address] where you can send me the statements.

Thank you


Signature______________ [signature of the sender]


Rent Statement Letter Template

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


__________________ [Name of the tenant]

__________________ [Address of the tenant]

Subject:-Rent statement letter

Dear ___________[name the tenant]

I ________________ [name of the landlord], resident of ______________ [Residential address] is the sole and legal owner of the property with the address ___________________ [address of the rent property]. The property is built in the area of ____________ [area in square feet] and is located on the __________ [floor of building] in ____________ [city].

I am making this rent agreement as I am leasing the above mentioned property to ________________ [name of the tenant], who is a permanent resident at ________________________________________ [permanent address of the tenant]. The period of the lease as per law is for ___________ [time span for leasing in years]. Mr./Mrs./Miss_____________ [name of the tenant] has agreed to pay the rent of ___________ [amount of rent], every month by _____________ [cash/cheque/DD/PD cheque]. _________ [He/ She] has deposited a sum of _______________ [deposit amount] as security deposit on ________ [date].

The above mentioned property is equipped with ________________ [fixtures present in the property]. Any damage to the mentioned fixtures or the property here on will be the responsibility of the tenant and will be liable for the repairs.

The lease can be cancelled by both the parties within _________ [time/month/year] of prior notice. Renewal will be at the discretion of both the parties.


Signature_____________ [Landlord]

Name_______________ [landlord]

Signature_____________ [tenant]

Name________________ [tenant]

Witness 1 Signature______________

Witness 2 Signature_______________

Bank Statement Letter Template


(Name of Recipient)

(Title of Recipient)

(Name of Bank)

(Branch Name)

(Address of Bank)

Date: –/–/—-

To [write the title and name of the recipient],

I am [Name of Sender] of [Address of the Sender]. I am required to submit a printed bank statement to my current landlord or landlady, [Name of the landlord or landlady] to renew my lease over the property [Address of the property].

I currently have a [type of account] with the number [Account Number] in your bank. It was last accessed on [date of last access]. The transactions are mainly done via [internet or telephone or ATM or person].

It would be very helpful if you could issue me a hard copy of the bank statement at the earliest possible as the extension of lease is on [date of extension of lease]. Thank you for your consideration and valuable time.

Thanking you,

(Signature of Sender)

(Name of Sender)



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