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Credit Report Request Letter

Experian Customer Information Service Center, P. O. Box No. 12345 Allen, TX. Dear Sir, I was denied credit by one of my creditors on 12 December 2012 (12 days ago) and wish to get information amount credit usage done through my account. You are requested to kindly send me a free copy of my credit… Read More »

Friendship Letter To Her

Date: _________ (Mention the date on which the letter is being written) Dear _____________ (Mention the recipient’s name) How have you been doing? I am enjoying my stay here and hope to return soon. Though this new place is really nice and I have made a couple of friends here but none of them can… Read More »

Marriage Invitation Draft

(Name of the hosts)Cordially invite you on the auspicious occasion of the marriage of their (son/daughter) (Name of the Bride/Groom) With (Name of the Bride/Groom) (Son/Daughter of (name of the parents) On (Day followed by Date in words) at (Time) at (Venue of the wedding) (Time of Lunch/Dinner) (RSVP Number) (With best compliments from Near… Read More »

Sales Letter Writing

A sales letter can be one of the most effective tools in marketing. Well written sales letters can be very effective in making sales if they are well thought through. When writing a sales letter, ensure that you capture your reader’s attention in the first paragraph. Many people may not want to read past a… Read More »