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By | February 14, 2012


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Dear (name of receiver),

This letter is a respond to your letter sent to me last Saturday about the award I will be able to receive on this coming 34th most outstanding Teachers in this City; I already make my schedule this week and I  agree to join the said event and one of the speakers as awardees . I am greatly flattered that I am one of the great five teachers to be able to receive the guidance and nurturing award for my service in our school for the last three decades.

I am humble to say that most of my students for the last decades still remember me and visits me in our school to give thanks for my teachings on them. Many of my former students had become successful in their careers and some had already become our countries pride.  I would also like to share some of my wisdom and knowledge as a great teacher for students to love in this coming awarding.

I hope this event would be more fruitful for every one of us. Thank you for the award; it will be a memorable moment to my life and a footstep to other teacher like me.

With gratitude,

(Name of sender)

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