Bank Acceptance Letter

By | September 15, 2012


______________________ [Name of the recipient]

______________________ [Position of the recipient, if any]

______________________ [Address of recipient]

Date: _______ [Mention the date of writing the letter]

Account Number: ____________ [Mention the account number of the customer]

Reference Number: __________ [The reference number which was given to the customer]

Subject: Acceptance or approval of the ________ application [specify the accepted receipt/application] by __________ [Mention the name of the bank]

Respected Sir, [Salutation]

We are writing this letter to you in reference to your application number ___________ [Specify the reference number here] received to us on ____________ [mention the date of receiving the request application]. We are pleased to inform you that ___________Bank [name of the bank] have accepted your application for a _________ [mention the purpose of the requested application]

According to the Bank’s policies, the application has been approved with the following conditions:

  1. _____________________
  2. _____________________ [mention the bank’s terms and conditions, if any]

You are requested to visit out main bank branch office at _____________________ [Mention the address of the bank] by ________ [time of reporting] sharp. You are requested to carry ____________, ___________ and ___________ [mention the requirements such as photographs, ID proofs etc] on your arrival.

Thanking you!


_____________ [Sender’s name]


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