Lease Termination Acceptance Letter

By | September 15, 2012


____________________ [name of the landlord]

____________________ [address of the landlord]

____________________ [city, zip code, postal address of the landlord]

Date: ____________

Subject: Acceptance of the lease termination agreement.

Dear Mr. ______________ [name of the landlord/salutation]

This is in reference to your letter dated ___________ [date of receiving the letter], regarding the lease termination agreement. As mentioned by you that the lease agreement that was made between both of us for a period of _______ [mention the period of lease agreement] is now terminated, I accept the termination of your leased out property.

Your property _____________ [address of the leased our property] was leased to me at an agreement of ___________ [mention the rental details] on a ________ [type of rental basis] rental basis. I am pleased to inform that you were a perfect landlord to be with. I never faced any problems in my tenancy during the period of my stay at your residence.

I therefore accept this lease termination agreement and hereby enclose the following documents:

  1. _____________
  2. _____________ [mention the documents and possessions that are to be transferred by the tenant to the landlord].

I will vacate your property latest by ___________ [mention the date of vacating]. Thanks a lot for your cooperation and support during all this time.


___________________ [name of the tenant]

__________________ [contact details of the tenant]

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