Love Proposal Acceptance Letter

By | October 31, 2014

A love proposal acceptance letter is a letter which accepts a love proposal and is used to inform the proposer about the decision. A love proposal acceptance letter template is a ready to use document that provides a framework for drafting such a letter. A sample of a love proposal acceptance letter is given below for your reference.

Sample Love Proposal Acceptance Letter:


_______________ [give the full name of the recipient]

_________________ [give the complete communication address of the recipient]

Date: _________________ [here, the date of sending the letter must be given in dd/mm/yy format]

Dearest____________________ [enter the name or nickname of the recipient]

I am writing this letter in response to your love proposal letter and I wish to tell you that ______________ [give the relevant information or detail here]. I am very glad to accept your love proposal and ___________________ [give the other relevant details].

On receiving your love proposal letter, I was _______________ [explain how the sender felt on receiving the love proposal letter]. My feelings for you____________ [give some information about the feelings of the sender]. I am accepting your proposal for love because _______________ [give the reasons for the acceptance of love proposal]. Ever since I first met you, I ______________ [enter relevant information in this space]. I hope that_____________________ [provide all the other details that the sender wants to express to the recipient].

Looking forward to __________________ [give relevant information]

Yours lovingly,

_________________ [give the name of the sender of the letter in this space]


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