Medical Insurance Acceptance Letter

By | October 28, 2014

A medical insurance acceptance letter is a letter which is written by a person to formally accept a medical insurance that has been offered or provided to him/her. A medical insurance acceptance letter template on the other hand is a ready to use document that provides a framework for drafting such a letter.  A sample of one such letter template is provided below for your reference or help.

Sample Medical Insurance Acceptance Letter:


_______________ [name of recipient]

________________ [title or designation of recipient]

_________________ [organization/insurance company name of recipient]

_______________ [full address of organization/insurance Company of recipient]

Date: _________________ [the current date in dd/mm/yy]

Subject: ______________________________ [a formal and brief subject or theme of letter]

____________________ [a formal salutation to address the recipient]

I am ___________ [name of sender] and I am writing this letter to you _________________ [give the relevant sentence]. I have decided to accept the medical insurance that was offered to me on ___________ [give the date]. I hope______________ [give the relevant sentence].

This medical insurance___________________ [give a few details about the medical insurance]. I am glad to accept it because _________________ [give the reason/reasons for acceptance of medical insurance]. I will ___________________ [enter suitable information in this space] and________________ [give further information]. As mentioned, I shall be ___________________ [enter suitable information in this space].

I thank you for giving me the medical insurance.

Yours sincerely

_________________ [give the name of the sender of the letter]

_________________ [give the contact details of the sender of the letter]



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