_______________ [Name of the recipient]

_______________ [Recipient’s address]

_______________ [Recipient’s contact information]

Date: _______

Subject: Volunteer acceptance letter

Dear _________ [name of the volunteer applicant]

We are so pleased to inform you that you have been accepted as a volunteer with ______________ [name of the organisation] in ______________[program] in ______________[country]. After a careful consideration to your interests and abilities we have taken this decision and approved you for volunteering.

We believe that you possess all the necessary knowledge to deal with our clients and customers. As mentioned in our prospectus, for accepting this volunteering position, you accept to maintain a good relationship with your mentee for __________ [specifies the fixed and mandate time period]. As an effective volunteer at our organisation, you are required to participate in ____________, ___________ and ______________ [mention the programs or the camps of participation]. You are requested to also enrol yourself in orientation programs and events.

We will give you a call to inform you about the volunteer training, time of arrival and departure, ___________, ______________ and ____________ [specify all the other important information]. For any further queries, you can contact us through our website ___________ [mention the address of the website] or you can call us on ___________ [contact number]. We look forward to share with you your professional talents and potentials.

Congratulations once again!


_____________ [sender’s name]

_____________ [designation]

_____________ [name of the organisation]


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