Admission Follow Up Letter

By | September 15, 2012


____________________ [name of the recipient]

____________________ [designation]

____________________ [name and address of the institute]

Date: __________

Subject: Admission follow up letter

Respected Mr. __________ [salutation/name of the recipient]

I, _____________ [name of the sender], has applied for the admission in ____________ [specify the course] at your institute _____________ [mention the name of the institute]. I have applied for my admission on ___________ [mention the date of application by the student]. This letter is in reference to my admission application number _______ [specify the application number].

I am writing this letter as my admission follow up letter. Through this letter I wanted to know my admission proceedings and admission status report. The main purpose behind writing this letter is to ______________________ [mention the purpose of your admission follow up]. I hereby request you to kindly send me the information regarding the following as well:



3.___________ [mention the information required by the students such as fee structure, courses offered, mode of payments etc.]

I would be grateful to you if you can process my admission application number ___________ [mention the application number of the student] at your earliest convenience. I look forward to join your institute.

Thanking you.


______________________ [name of the student]

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