Conditional Admission Letter

By | February 14, 2012

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Dear (name of student),

Congratulation on your conditional admission in our school for this coming school year, we would like to remind you of some important things on your admission. First of all you must pass the IELTS examination in your country and the completed papers of your visa and migration in our country. This must be all in our school before this month ends so as to prepare your admission in our university. Also we enclosed all the list of the things you would need before traveling here in our country, see the list and complete them before this month ends. And most important is the current bank statements that showing the appropriate funds for the next two years.

We are expecting that this are all complete in the next month, we will call you for your application and the time of your departure in your country. Our university is certain to prepare you to your academic life and for your future to achieve your dreams in life. If there’s any problem call us or email us at our number and email address.

Best regards,

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