Nursing School Admission Letter

By | September 15, 2012


_____________ [name of the recipient]

_____________ [designation]

_____________ [name and address of the medical institute]

Date: _______

Subject: Nursing school admission letter

Respected Mr. ____________ [name of the recipient/ salutation]

I am writing this letter to seek admission at your nursing school ____________ [mention the name of the nursing school] for the year ___________ [specify the year of admission]. I have completed my __________ [name of degree/course/certificate already completed] from ____________ [specify the name of the university/institute] in __________ [mention the year of completing the degree/course/certificate].

For my admission at the nursing school, I am submitting my ___________, ____________ and __________ [mention the documents that are enclosed such as mark sheet, profile etc] along with this letter. I believe that I possess all the necessary qualifications and credentials that are required for the admission.

I am skilled with ___________ and __________ abilities [mention the abilities and proficiencies of the candidate who is seeking the admission].

I promise to become a best student at your nursing school. Please let me know if I need to submit any other document or need to fulfil any other formalities.

Will wait for a positive reply from your end.

Thanking you!


_____________ [name of the applicant]

____________ [address of the applicant]

____________ [contact details of the applicant]

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