Termination of Lease Agreement Letter

By | October 26, 2014

A termination of lease agreement letter is a letter using which a person terminates an existing lease agreement. The letter must state the reasons for termination as well. A termination of lease agreement letter template is a ready to use document that can be customized and modified as per the requirements. A sample of a termination of lease agreement letter is given below for your reference.

Sample Termination of Lease Agreement Letter:


_______________ [name of recipient should come here]

________________ [title of the recipient in agreement should come here]

_________________ [The complete address of the recipient should come here]

Date: _________________ [the current date should come here in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: ______________________________ [the subject of the letter should come here]

Dear _____________ [the salutation should be written here]

I, _____________ [name of sender must be written here], the ___________ [lessor/lessee] in the lease agreement am writing to you to _______________ [give the reason for writing the letter]. The lease agreement made between us is being terminated because ______________ [give the reason for termination of lease agreement].

As you know, the lease agreement started on ____________ [give the date of starting of the lease between the parties]. You have been leased a ____________ [in this section give description of item/property that is leased] and were______________ [give the other relevant details]. You must ____________ [give the suitable sentence or information here] and should ____________ [give other suitable sentences].

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

_________________ [mention name of the sender of the letter here]

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