Board Meeting Announcement Letter

By | October 22, 2014

A board meeting announcement letter is the letter which announces to the receiver about a board meeting and is used to given information about it. A letter template provides framework for drafting such a letter. The sender can use a board meeting announcement letter template to draft a letter as per the requirement.

Sample Board Meeting Announcement Letter:

__________________ [Here the full name of the addressed is to be written]

__________________ [Here the title of the addressed and his/ her official contact address is to be written]


__/ __/ ____ [The date of writing the letter must be given in date/ month/ year format.]

Subject: ___________________________________________________ [The subject or the main gist of the letter is to be written here.]

Good Morning/ Good- evening Sir/ Ma’am

This letter has been issued by the management of the organisation to make announcement of the next board meeting.

The management calls out for the board meeting to be conducted on the _________________ [mention the date on which the board meeting is to be conducted] at ___________ [mention the time on which the meeting starts] in the _________________ [mention the place i.e. office conference room number etc. at which the meeting is to be conducted] at the office building. The agenda of the meeting is ________________________ [mention the agenda which will be discussed in the respective board meeting] and the presentations will be led by _____________________ [mention the name of the individual who will be leading the presentations.

Please be present for the meeting in time.

With regards

___________________ [the sender must write his/ her name]

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