Farewell Announcement Letter

By | October 23, 2014

A farewell announcement letter refers to the letter written by the sender to inform the receiver about the impending farewell of a certain individual. The farewell announcement letter template is a ready to use document which is a format version of this exact letter type. A sample of the same is being given.

Sample Farewell Announcement Letter:

__________________ [Here the full name of the addressed is to be written]

__________________ [Here the title of the addressed and his/ her official contact address is to be written]


__/ __/ ____ [Here the date on which the letter is being written is presented]

Subject: ___________________________________________________ [Here write down an appropriate compact subject for the letter]

Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. ___________________ [Here the salutary name of the addressed be written]

I, ________________ [name of the individual writing the letter] am writing this letter in regards to the farewell of ______________________ [name of the individual whose farewell is the agenda of the letter].

He/ she is leaving our company because _________________ [here write the reason for the individual leaving the organisation like retirement, better prospects etc.] and the farewell date is _________________ [here write the date which has been fixed as the individual’s farewell day]. We have decided to arrange a farewell party for him/ her in the premises and we would like you to be present there. The party starts at ________________ [here write the time at which the party is supposed to begin.]

Thanks and see you there

___________________ [here the individual writing the letter must write/ sign his/ her name]

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