New Appointment Announcement Letter

By | October 24, 2014

When a new employee is appointed at a position in the organisation, the entity may issue a letter informing others about the new appointment. This letter is called a new appointment announcement letter, and a new appointment announcement letter template is a readymade document that is used to facilitate the framing of the actual letter.

Sample New Appointment Announcement Letter:


Mr. / Mrs. / Ms.__________________



[In the blank above first write the name of the individual to be addressed in the letter, then write the title held by the respective individual and then the address (official or otherwise) of the individual)


__/ __/ ____ [In the blank write the date of sending letter in dd/mm/yyyy format]

Subject: _______________________________________________

[In the blank above write a short subject for the letter]

Dear _________________ [In this blank write the name of the receiver]

This letter has been written to notify you about a new appointment that has been made by the organisation.

We have appointed __________________ [in this blank write the name of the individual appointed] at the position of the ____________________ [in this blank write the title of the position at which the individual has been appointed]. He/ she will be joining us on the ______________ [in this blank write the date of joining of new employee]. We hope that you will welcome him/ her with a warm attitude and a friendly perception.

Thanking you

___________________ [the writer signs here]

___________________ [the writers name must be written here]




_______________ [write down the name of the authorised individual]

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