New Physician Announcement Letter

By | February 14, 2012

This formal letter is often used to introduce the new workers to the companies. The example tells us about a worker that is going to join a famous NNG Medical Company in the post of a head physician. The example can be used as a template.

16 September 2011 (Sample Date)

From: (Name of Sender)

Cesar Trevino

4257 Grove Avenue
Oklahoma City, California

To: (Name of Receiver)

Members of the NNG Medical Company

4989 Olen Thomas Drive
Rochester, TXR 79544

Subject: Introduction of a new co-worker (Main Purpose)

Dear Workers,

I write this letter to all of the members of the NNG Medical Company in order to inform that the vacancy of the post of the head physician, opened last month, is already closed. With a great pleasure I would like to introduce Mr. John Smith to our growing company. He will get to work from the next Monday and I am sure he will easy get acquainted with you. He joined us from England, where he used to work at a famous NPT Company for many years. It is a great honor for us to accept such experienced worker as him.

I would like to especially give him a warm welcome as he is joining us from Germany, where he was an employee in a large chemical works. It is with great honor that we accept a person of such prestige to our company, and hope that he will be accepted amongst his workers. He is a real professional in his field so I hope the co-workers will meet him warmly.


Mr. Cesar Trevino (Name of Sender)

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