Real Estate Announcement Letter

By | September 15, 2012


___________________ [mention name of recipient]

___________________ [mention the address of recipient]

___________________ [postal code]

___________________ [contact number of recipient]

Date: ______________ [enter date in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: Real estate announcement letter

Respected ______________ [give the proper salutation here]

I, ___________________ [mention name of the sender of letter] am writing this letter to you to make an important announcement about ____________________ [enter the real estate announcement here]. It is my great pleasure to be making this announcement because ___________________ [mention the reason why the sender is happy making the announcement]. The real estate is situated at _______________ [mention the full address of the real estate which is being announced] and is part of a ______________ [enter details of the real estate industry which the property is part of]. I became the legal owner of this real estate on ______________ [enter the date in dd/mm/yy format].

I found this particular real estate interesting because __________________ [mention the reason due to which the real estate is considered good by the sender] and also because _____________ [mention the other reasons]. It is a moment of pride for me and I wanted to share it with you because _________________ [mention the reason why the sender wanted to share this announcement].

Take care,

________________________ [mention name of sender]

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