Vacation Announcement Letter

By | September 15, 2012



[Letterhead of organisation/school/institute]


_____________________ [name of the recipient]

_____________________ [position/title of recipient]

_____________________ [name of the company/school]

_____________________ [address of company/school]

Sub: vacation announcement letter

Dear _____________________ [name of the recipient of letter]

I, ___________ [mention the name of the sender], the ___________ [mention the designation of the sender] in __________ [mention the name of institute/company] am writing this letter to you announce a vacation. This vacation is being held on the occasion of ___________ [mention the reason for vacation] and shall commence on _____________ [mention the commencement date of the vacation] and shall end on _________________ [mention the termination date of vacation]. I request you to announce this vacation to __________ [mention the people to whom the vacation is to be announced further].

We have decided to take this vacation because ______________ [mention the reason for vacation announcement] and hope that everybody will come refreshed and full of energy after this much deserved break. I am looking forward to this vacation as much as you because _______________ [mention the reason why the sender is looking forward to the vacation].

Hope you enjoy the vacations.

Have fun

Thanking You

Yours faithfully,

___________________ [Name of sender]

___________________ [designation of sender]

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