Apology Letter for Wife

By | June 2, 2009

Bertha Wilts,

4543 Dell Street,

Oklahoma City,


22nd May 2009 

Dear Bertha,

I am sorry for letting you come home to find our new refrigerator missing and for having the old one in its place without informing you first of what transpired. When you left home for work last Tuesday I discovered that the refrigerator had stopped working and based on the fact that it was new, I called the dealers who sold it to us and asked them if they could swing by and have a look at it. They did more than come over as they sent a team of technicians who diagnosed it to be a faulty compressor component and needed to take it with them for replacement as it is still under warranty. I explained to them that you would be mad as you could not live without a working refrigerator. So I asked them if they could help me bring the old one out of the attic so we could move the food into it and they complied. As a show of gratitude, I rewarded them with the cake that was inside the refrigerator. I anticipate that you will kindly accept my apology, for the missing refrigerator and cake. 

Your loving husband,