Acknowledge Grievance Appeal Letter

By | October 17, 2014

An acknowledge grievance appeal letter is the letter written by the grievance addressing authority to the individual who has filed a grievance with them. The purpose is to acknowledge the grievance and assure a solution. The template of such a letter is a readymade document that provides framework for drafting a letter.

Sample Acknowledge Grievance Appeal Letter:


_________________________ [Full Name of individual who has filed grievance]

_________________________ [Full correspondence address of the individual who has filed the grievance letter]


Date: _______________________ [The date on which the reply/ acknowledgement letter is being written].

Subject: _______________________________________________________ [The exact subject of the acknowledgement letter].

Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. ________________

This letter is in response to the letter that we received from you on the ______________ [date of receiving the grievance letter/ file] to file the grievance against ____________________________ [mention the main agenda of or against whom the grievance was filed in the letter].

Our grievance addressing team has taken note of the issue you brought to the fore and we are writing to issue an acknowledgement. We formally acknowledge the grievance and assure you that we will revert back to you regarding the problem before ______________ [mention the time of the deadline] on the _____________________ [mention the date before which the company will provide a solution].

We hope that you will place enough trust in our efforts and wait with patience till the time we reach out to you.

With regards

___________________ [the authorised official writing the letter must sign here]

___________________ [he/ she must mention their full name followed by official title held]

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