Employee Grievance Appeal Letter

By | October 18, 2014

The employee grievance appeal letter is the letter written by an employee of an organisation to a higher authority stating his/ her issues and seeking a solution for the same. The employee grievance appeal letter template is a type of pre- framed letter  with format which can be used by anyone in need to frame an actual grievance appeal letter.

Sample Employee Grievance Appeal Letter:


______________________ [Name of the superior authority being addressed]


______________________ [Title held by the superior official and his/ her official contact details like office number or address, along with company name]


___________________ [Date of writing letter]

Subject: ___________________________________________ [The employee must write the letter subject i.e. the objective of the letter].

Respected Sir/ Ma’am [Choose an appropriate title to greet the superior]

My name is _____________________ [the employee must write down his/ her full name] and I am a ___________________ [employee must mention the title he/ she holds] at the company.

I have been working here since ______________ [mention the date of joining the company] at my current position. In all my years of work here I have never faced any major problems. But off late there have been issues and I would like to appeal for grievance filing and solution. I am filing a grievance appeal _________________________ [give in detail the reason behind the grievance appeal]. It has become difficult to do my work under these circumstances.

I urge you to please look into the matter and find a solution to my grievance issues.

With regards and thanks

___________________ [the employee must sign the letter]

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