Fundraising Annual Appeal Letter

By | October 19, 2014

To raise funds for an annual event, the event organising organisation/ entity may need to write letters to the prospective fund providers and these letters are referred to as the fundraising annual appeal letters. The fundraising annual appeal letter templates are the documents which give an explanative view of how the actual letters are to be prepared.

Sample Fundraising Annual Appeal Letter:


Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. _________________

The ___________________________


[First give the full name of the individual being approached for funds provision, next the position he/ she holds (like the general manager etc.) and then give the contact details of the individual]


___/ ___/ _______ [give the date on which you are writing the letter]

Subject: __________________________________________ [now mention the subject of the letter for example- fundraising etc.]

Sir/ Ma’am [select appropriate title]

I, _________________ [give your full name], am a ___________________ [give your position] at the _____________________ [give the name of the organisation where you work and which is seeking funds for the annual event].

We are organising the annual ____________________ [mention the type of the event like a ball, a gala etc.] for the ________________________ [mention the cause/ purpose of the event being conducted] and are in the process of fundraising for the same. This letter is to appeal you for contributing in the funds for the event in any way you can.

Please consider the appeal and oblige us with your generous and heartfelt contributions. For further terms discussion please contact the under signatory.


___________________ [sender’s signature]

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