Primary School Appeal Letter

By | October 21, 2014

Primary school appeal letter is a broad head which includes all letter types wherein the primary school is either the sender or the receiver of the letter for the appeal. The primary school appeal letter template is the document which depicts the format and structure of the actual letter and helps the sender frame one for his/ her own purposes.

Sample Primary School Appeal Letter:


__________________ [name of the individual being addressed in the letter]

__________________ [job title or authoritative position of the addressed individual]

__________________ [official correspondence address of the addressed individual]


__________________ [date on which letter is being written]

___________________________________________________________ [Subject of the letter which specifies what the letter is about]

___________________ [Salutation and the last name of the individual being addressed in the letter]

My name is ______________ [full name of the sender] and I am the head of board of directors of the _______________________ [mention the name of the educational/ primary school organisation].

We have planned to launch a primary school project _____________ (mention the name and brief details of the project board wants to launch) . To get the project going we need _____________ (mention what is needed for the project implementation) and we appeal with you to help us by/ with ______________________ (mention how the respective authorities can help the board members with the project).

All relevant documents are enclosed here in. We sincerely hope that after reviewing the details in the document you will help us out.

With regards

___________________ [name and signature of the individual sending the letter]

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