Dealership Application Letter

By | November 29, 2014

A dealership application letter template refers to the piece of document which represents a general way writing this nature of the letter. The letter is written by an individual/ company seeking to get the dealership of another business entity. And the purpose of the letter is to apply for and persuade the provision of dealership.

Sample Dealership Application Letter:


____________________ [here put the name of the addressed]

____________________ [here put the title of the addressed]

____________________ [here put the official contact address of the individual/ company]


___________________ [here put in the date on which letter being written]


SUBJECT: __________________________________ [the subject of the letter goes in the blank space here]

Respected ­­­­­­­Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. ­_______________________ [the name of the addressed appears again with appropriate title]

My name is ______________________ [the writer should fill in his/ her name here] am writing this letter in regards to the application of the ______________________________ [here mention the name of the dealership in question, for which the letter is being written.]

The _____________________ dealership [here write the name of the dealership in question] is well known in all parts of the country and it will be a pleasure to do business with the organisation. I have made arrangements are per the provisions mentioned. Enclosed with this letter are copies of ___________________ [mention the name of the documents enclosed with the letter] for your reference.

Please consider the application and contact the under signatory for any further references.

Thanks and regards

_____________________ [here the individual writing must sign his/ her name]

_____________________ [here mention the job title held]


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