General Manager Application Letter

By | November 29, 2014

A general manager application letter is the letter written by an individual when he/ she is applying for the general manager position at any organisation. The general manager application letter template is the document which provides with a general letter of this type that has blanks which can be filled by the user of the template to make it custom to his or her needs.

Sample General Manager Application Letter:



___________________ [write the name of the addressed and the job title]

­­­­­­­­­­____________________ [here write the name of the company and its physical address]

____________________ [in this blank write the date in the day/ month/ year format]

SUBJECT: ______________________________________________________________

[In this blank above comes a compact statement of the purpose of the letter]

_______________________ [in this blank write name of the addressed with appropriate salutation and title]

My name is ______________________ [writer must mention his/ her name here] and this letter is in reference to the __________________ position job application [in the blank mention the name of the job title, here general manager].

I have completed _____________________ [mention the highest educational qualification held] from _________________ [mention the name of the institution]. I also have a work experience of _____________ [mention prior years of the work experience]. In the course of my education and work I have learned _____________________________ [mention a string of skills possessed by the applicant]. My resume is herewith enclosed with the letter.

I assure you that if given the opportunity I will display utmost level of competence and efficiency.  Awaiting a reply

With regards

________________ [applicant must sign his/ her full name]

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