Long Leave Application Letter

By | November 30, 2014

A long leave application letter is a letter written by an individual when seeking leave from work, addressed to the employer. The long leave application template is the document which will help anyone in need frame a proper leave application letter for them without having to worry about the format and the pattern of the letter. A sample of the same is being given below.

Sample Long Leave Application Letter:




[Here fill in the name of the addressed individual, the title, and the location of the company]


____________________ [here fill in the date]


SUBJECT:  ­______________________ [here fill in an appropriate subject]

Respected ­­­­­­­­_______________________ [here fill in the last name of the addressed]

I, ______________________ [write your full name in this blank space] and I am writing this letter ________________________________________ [here fill in brief the reason for which you are writing the letter for example application of leave etc.]. I have been working at ______________________ [here fill in the name of the company where employed] at the position of the __________________ [mention the job title you hold].

I need an extended/ long leave for _______________________________ [here explain the purposes for which you need the long leave. For example medical purposes etc]. The duration for which I seek the leave is _______________ [here fill in the duration for which you seek leave] from ______________ to ___________________ [here fill in the dates of the days which span the leave].

I hope that you will consider my situation and grant me the leave.


_____________ [here fill in your full name and title]


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