Nursing School Application Letter

By | November 28, 2014

A nursing school application letter template is the document that can be used by anyone who wishes to apply for a program or a course in a nursing school. The template is prepared as per the underlying pattern of the nursing school application letter. Below given is a sample.

Sample nursing School Application Letter:


___________________ [name of the individual addressed goes here]

___________________ [the title the individual holds goes here]

­­­­­­­­­___________________ [the name of the respective school goes here]

___________________ [the physical address of the school goes here]

_____ / ______/ _____ [the date of writing goes here in dd/mm/yy]

SUBJECT: ______________________________________________________________

[A short subject goes here specifying the purpose of the letter]

Respected Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. _______________________ [name of the addressed official goes here]

I, ______________________ [the name of the applicant goes here] am writing this letter to apply for the ___________________ program [the exact name of the program applied for goes here] at the ____________________ [name of the school goes here].

I have completed _____________ study [the name of the latest education program completed goes here] from the _____________________ [name of the school last attended goes here]. The transcripts and the ____________________ [mention other document enclosed] are enclosed with this letter. I have always wanted to be in the nursing field and am hoping my dreams will come true with help of this institution.

Please consider my application and revert back to me as soon as a decision regarding the admission is made.


____________________ [signatures]

____________________ [full name of the applicant goes here]

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