Teaching Assistant Application Letter

By | November 28, 2014

Any individual who wishes to apply for the position of a teacher assistant will have to write a teacher assistant application letter to the respective educational institution. The letter template for teacher assistant application is the outline of the actual letter and can be made into the formal letter by merely filling in the blanks. Below given is a sample of a teaching assistant application letter.

Sample Teacher Assistant Application Letter:


___________________ [name of official at the institution be mentioned here]

___________________ [the title held by the individual be mentioned here]

­­­­­­­­­___________________ [the name of the institution and its physical address be mentioned here]

_____ / ______/ _____ [here goes the date on which the letter is being written]

SUBJECT: ______________________________________________________________

[Here write the subject for example application for teacher assistant position etc.]

Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. _______________________ [here mention the last name of the addressed individual]

My name is ___________________ [applicant must mention his/ her name in this blank] and I wish to apply for the position of the ___________________ [mention the job title for which application filed]. The vacancy at the prestigious institution was advertised _______________ [mention the source from where you came across vacancy listing].

I am currently _______________________ [mention your current employment status] at the ________________________ [mention name of your current employer]. My skill set includes ________________________ [mention all of the skills that you possess in the blank here] and am very hard working. It will be an honour to be employed at this respectable institution and I hope I am granted the privilege.

Enclosed with the letter are copies of all relevant documents.

Thanking you

________________  [applicant’s full name goes in this blank]

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