Business Consultant Appointment Letter

By | November 26, 2014

A business consultant appointment letter is written by a company to a person while appointing him/her as the business consultant. A template for such letters provides a format that helps to draft an effective letter. Below given is a sample of letter template.

Sample Business Consultant Appointment Letter:


Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. ___________________



[In the blanks above the full name of the receiver must be mentioned followed by his/ her complete physical address including the zip code]

__/ __/ ____ [the date of letter writing must be mentioned here in format dd/mm/yy]

Subject: _______________________________________________ [the subject of the letter must be written here]

Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. _________________ [only the last name of the receiver be filled]

This letter is being written in reference to the application filed by you on _______________ [date on the application] for the __________________ [mention the job position title]. We are to inform you that the application has been accepted for appointment.

If you approve of the appointment within coming _________ hours [mention the time limit after which offer expires] you will be joining us on the _______________ [mention the date of joining]. The job description and compensation remain same as mentioned in the recruitment call outs. We expect all our employees to be ____________________ [mention the basic ethical/ characteristic requirements of the employees] and hope that you will be a suitable addition.

Awaiting a reply


______________________ [the sender must sign here]

______________________ [the sender’s full name must be mentioned here]

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