Dealership Appointment Letter

By | November 27, 2014

A dealership appointment letter is written to inform the person or an organisation about their appointment as a dealer.  The letter template is a formatted document that can guide anyone in need into framing an actual dealership appointment letter. Following is a sample of a dealership appointment letter template.

Sample Dealership Appointment Letter:


_____________________ [The name of the receiver/ addressed must be mentioned here]

_____________________ [In the following two blanks mention the complete contact details of the receiver including the postal code]


___________________ [In this blank write the date in the date/month/year format]

SUBJECT: ___________________________________ [Here write a brief subject.]

______________________ [Here write the name of the receiver with salutation and title.]

This letter is being written to you in reference to your appointment for the ___________________ [mention the type of dealership for which the recipient has been appointed] We received your application dated _________________ [mention date on application] along with the documents.

After proper examination of the documents and by looking at your credentials,  we have decided to appoint you as the dealer for our products.You can begin to work as the dealer from __________________ [mention date of joining]. Please carry with you _____________________ [mention he documents the recruit is required to carry] documents to get a hold on the items for selling.

Please revert back within 2 days so as to complete formal procedures before above mentioned joining date.

Thanks and Regards

_________________ [the sender/ authorised individual must sign his/ her full name]

_________________ [the full name and job title of the sender]

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