Ms Margaret,

D-17, Privet Drive,

Little Whinging,



Dr Holmes,

D-2, Bakers Street,


Dear Dr Holmes,

I, Ms Margaret, am writing this letter to seek an appointment for bariatric surgery at your hands in your hospital. The required reports have been enclosed along with this letter. These reports have been the latest one which you have advised to take to make sure that the health conditions are apt enough to go on with the surgery. I am completely aware of the consequences of the surgery and I assure you that I will be following a strict diet and every step as indicated by you before and after the surgery.

I, hereby, submit myself at your disposal and I am hopeful that justice shall be rendered to my case as well as to this letter. The dates mentioned in enclosure are most favourable dates for me and I shall be more than happy if those dates are considered on your part. Looking forward for a quick and favourable response,

Yours faithfully,

Ms Margaret


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