Executive Director Appointment Letter

By | November 26, 2014

When hiring an individual at the executive director position, the employing entity must issue a letter to the effect and this letter is referred to as the executive director appointment letter. The template provides an outline for drafting such letter and a sample of the same is given below.

Sample Executive Director Appointment Letter:


________________________ [the receiver’s full name must be filled in here with title]

________________________ [receiver’s full postal address must be filled here with street and postal code]

Date: _____/ ______/ ________ [the date of writing the letter must be filled in here]

Subject: ____________________________________________ [an appropriate subject depicting the objective of the letter must be filled in here]

Mr / Ms. / Mrs. _________________[fill in the receiver’s name]

It is our pleasure to inform you that your application for the _________________ [mention the name of the position in question] was received by us on ___________________ [mention the date of receiving the application] and has been successfully approved for appointment.

Your suitability for the position has been adjudged best. You are requested to revert back to the office within _____________ [mention the time limit within which the individual is expected to reply with the acceptance or rejection] to receive a joining date. The salary for the position is set at ______________________ [mention the amount of salary] and the standard terms of appointment apply. You will have to carry the originals of __________________ [mention the documents] documents on joining.

We hope to hear positive response within the deadline.

Best wishes

__________________ [sender’s signature]

_________________ [sender’s name and job title]

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