Vendor Appointment Letter

By | November 27, 2014

A vendor appointment letter is written by a person or an organisation to another in order to inform them about their appointment as a vendor. A letter template for such purpose is a ready to use document that provides format and outline to draft an effective letter as per needs and requirements. Below given is a sample of vendor appointment letter template.

Sample Vendor Appointment Letter:





[In the blanks above mention in sequence the name of the individual being addressed in the letter, the company name (if any) and the complete physical address of the individual.]

Date: ___________________ [In this blank mention the date on which you are writing the letter]

SUBJECT: ___________________________________

[In the blank above comes the statement of gist of the letter.]

_______________________ [In this blank mention the name of the addressed individual with appropriate salutation]

I am ____________________ [sender must write down his/ her name] and I am writing this letter in reference to _______________________ [mention the reason for the letter i.e. vendor appointment].

The purchase department of the organisation has finalised to appoint you as the vendor for the organisation. There are a few terms for the appointment which are as follows:

  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________

[In the blanks here mention the terms under which the appointment is being issued.]

We hope that this is the beginning of new and long business relations. Please revert back to us as soon as possible so that further contractual procedures can be completed. Awaiting a reply from you,

With regards

_______________________ [the sender must sign in the blank]

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