Appreciation Letter for Professor

By | November 25, 2014

An appreciation letter for professor is the letter written by a student to his/ her professor praising the professor for all the knowledge and support provided. The appreciation letter for professor- template is the document which entails the basic pattern and outline of such a letter. It is prepared in conformance with the format.

Sample Appreciation Letter for Professor:


­__________________________ [the full name of the professor must be filled here]


__________________________ [the full contact address of the respective professor along with an email id, if needed]

Date: _____________________ [the date of writing the letter in the format e.g. 7th February 1999, must be written in the blank]

Subject: ________________________________________________ [in this blank write the subject for the letter]

Dear Prof. ________________ [mention the last name of the professor]

My name is _______________________ [mention your full name here] and I have been a student of yours at the ______________________ [name of the institution where studied] for ______________ years [mention the no. of years studied under the professor].

My years at _____________________ [name the institution again] were amazing and great because of professors like you. You ___________________________________________

__________________________________________ [mention all that the professor did for you, like supported, guided etc you] and I am grateful for it. To show my appreciation all I can say is ____________________________________________________________ [mention in this blank all that you want to say to express your appreciation].

I will always remember you and hope that you will remember me too.

Utmost Regards and Thanks

__________________________ [the student must sign here]

__________________________ [the full name of the student goes here followed by email id]

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