Appreciation Letter to Insurance Agent

By | November 24, 2014

An appreciation letter to insurance agent is written by a person to thank an insurance agent for services provided. The template for these types of letters provide outline to draft an effective letter. A sample letter template is given below for reference.

Sample Appreciation Letter to Insurance Agent:


____________________________ [insurance agent’s full name]

____________________________ [the company’s name in which the agent works]

____________________________ [the address of the respective company where the agent works]

Date: ________________________ [the date on which the letter is being written to the agent]

Subject: ______________________________________________ [write an appropriate subject for the appreciation letter and underline it]

_________________________ [the last name of the agent along with an appropriate title like Mr. or Mrs is mentioned here]

I, _____________________ [write your name] purchased the ________________________ [mention the name or code of the policy purchased from the agent] from you and am writing to show my appreciation for all your support.

You provided me with all the required information of the different ____________________ [mention the kind of the policy purchased for example life insurance or house insurance etc.] insurance devices which helped me make an informed decision. I applaud and appreciate all of the ______________ and _______________ [mention in the blanks the qualities of the agent which helped you. E.g. dedication] you showed me.

I am sure to inform all of my friends and family about your skills as a token of appreciation on my part.


________________________ [sign your name here]

________________________ [fill in your full name]

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