Appreciation Letter to Real Estate Agent

By | November 25, 2014

An appreciation letter to the real estate agent is written when thanking a professional in the position of real estate agent for his/ her services. The letter template is the document which when used as per the direction in the brackets will result in an actual appreciation letter.

Sample Appreciation Letter to Real Estate Agent:


________________________ [name of the real estate agent]

________________________ [name of the real estate company]

________________________ [address of the real estate company with zip code]

_______________________ [date of writing the letter in pattern date- month- year]

Subject: __________________________________________ [the subject of the letter i.e. appreciation for the work and underline it]

Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. _____________________ [surname of the agent]

I, ________________________ [sender name for introduction] and am writing this letter to thank you for your assistance in helping me find the best _____________________ [mention the type of the property purchased].

You have been very patient, _________________________ [mention any other such characteristic qualities of the agent] through my search for the perfect property. And you did not give up until I found exactly what I was looking for.  I really appreciate your help and would like to say _________________________ [fill this blank with the message of appreciation you want to convey to the individual]. I will surely recommend you to any of my friends and family looking to buy any real estate.

Once again, thanks a lot and all the very best for your future endeavours.

Best wishes

______________________ [sender must sign in this blank]

______________________ [sender must write down his full name in this blank]

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