Appreciation Letter to Recruiter

By | November 24, 2014

Recruiter is the individual who helps someone get a job as per their requirements and qualifications. An appreciation letter to recruiter template is the template of the letter via which a newly recruited individual thanks/ appreciates the respective recruiter’s help. A sample of such a template follows to be used by anyone in need.

Sample Appreciation Letter to Recruiter:


Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. _______________________ [fill with full name of the recruiter]

___________________________________ [fill in the full correspondence address of the recruiter and/ or his firm, along with the name of the company]

Date: _____________________________ [fill in the date of writing the letter]

Subject: ___________________________________________ [fill in with and underline an appropriate title/ subject for the letter]

Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. ______________________ [write the name of the recruiter]

I, ________________________ [fill in with your own name] am writing this letter in reference to the ___________________________ job [fill in the title/ type of job recruiter helped you get] I have backed with your help.

The job is suitable as per my _____________________ [fill in the level of education you have received] and provides me with _______________________ working hours [fill in the working hour definition you required]. It was only with your help and support than I was able to find a job this perfect. I appreciate all the ______________________________ [mention all the qualities like understanding, hard work etc. of the recruiter] you showed in getting me the job.

I am truly grateful for and appreciative of you assistance.

With thanks

______________________ [sign here]

______________________ [fill in your full name here]

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